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Dog Carriers

Being a dog owner, there are so many things you will have to purchase over the years. Some of them just for a period of their life, like toys for when they are little puppies or ramps when they are old. Some can be for much longer, even in some cases for their whole life, such as dog beds or dog carriers. 

portable dog carrier

If you are just starting to gather all the pet supplies you will need for your new best friend, you may find yourself confused by the so many different options for many of the essentials. Puppy carriers can be crucial in your life as a pet owner, but there are so many types on the market that it can be quite daunting to be sure that you have chosen the right one.

Where Are You Taking Your Dog?

portable dog carrier
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The first thing to consider when you are trying to buy dog carriers is what you are going to be using them for. Depending on your needs as well as your lifestyle, you can narrow your options significantly. In other words, you might just need a portable dog carrier for short trips, like to carry your dog to the vet. You may want to also use it for crate training, or you may want to travel with your dog by car or by plane. 

Dog carriers differ not only in size but also in weight, strength, sturdiness, materials, style, etc. If you are looking for a carrier simply to take your dog to the vet or for other short trips, there are several options in terms of the carrier’s style. If you want to find a high-quality airline approved dog carrier, there will most likely be some more specific requirements.

The thing to think about if you plan on transporting your dog by plane is the strict regulations that airlines may have, regarding pet carriers, mainly about size and constriction. So, if you are buying a carrier specifically for this, you should check the airline’s rules to make sure you’ve got the right airline approved dog carrier. If you are travelling by car or another vehicle, the thing to consider is your dog’s safety. Make sure that you get a well-designed and impact-resistant carrier, that can protect your dog during driving.

Aside from transportation, dog carriers can also be a great tool for crate training, although there are also many types of dog crates to choose from – which can be very beneficial for your four-legged friend.

What Type of Dog Carrier Suits Your Needs Best?

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Broadly speaking there are four styles of dog carriers: soft-sided, hard-sided, wearable, and dog carriers with wheels. For smaller dogs, the most popular option is soft-sided carriers, which are lightweight, very easy to transport, foldable for easy storage, they don’t take up too much space. Moreover, an airline-approved dog carrier, that can go under the seat during your flight, is often soft-sided – understandably for smaller dogs.

For larger dogs, however, that can’t fit under the seat, there are other options for travelling. Some hard-sided carriers are also approved by the airlines. Aside from owners of dogs that are too large for soft-sided carriers, people that prefer these types of crates, are often convinced by the strength of their construction, as well as its durability, but most importantly because they offer more protection for the dog. They are also often easier to clean.

If you have a smaller dog or a puppy, and you need a transporter for shorter trips, especially ones for which you may need your hands free – for instance a sling or a dog backpack if you are riding a bike or hiking, you can also get wearable dog carriers. They also come in different types. Make sure that you find one that’s washable, lightweight and that offers maximum security for your puppy. A dog travel carrier with wheels can make it even easier to travel with your furry friend. Carriers made in this style can be a great choice for walking or as dog airline crates. 

What Type of Carrier Suits Your Dog Most?

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Before deciding on the type of carrier you want, it’s important that you take the proper measurements of your dog because surely you don’t want to end up with a product that you won’t be able to use. In order to get the right size, as well as sturdiness, you need to measure both your dog’s size and her or his weight. If you are getting a carrier for travelling by plane, by car, or another vehicle, you should find a soft or hard-sided carrier that will allow your dog to stand up and turn around. 

To do that you need to measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, as well as from the top of their head to the ground. Get a carrier that is approximately 7 or 8 cm higher and longer than your dog’s body.

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