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Dog Supplies: Different Types of Crates Compared

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There comes a day in the life of everyone when all we wish for is a little bit of peace and quiet in our own company. I’m not just talking about us humans but our lovely animal friends too. Take dogs for example – even though they’re the sociable creatures that love spending time around the family and other pets, they need their alone time as well every now and then.

Dog Crates
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As a dog parent, it’s your job to make the home as dog-friendly as possible to make Fido feel safe and at ease, like a true part of the family. Besides the various supplies you’d have to acquire, in the likes of bowls, food, treats, tick and flea treatments, toys, harnesses or collars, there’s also the importance of getting the adequate item that would be of help in creating a cosy area in the abode.

This would be the ideal spot where your pooch could go to whenever in need of some solitude. A sturdy and comfortable dog crate is one handy solution you can turn to when wanting to ensure your furry friend makes the most of comfort.

If you’re part of the group of people who find the different types of dog beds to be a better alternative, mainly out of thinking the crates to be rather uncomfortable, read up to see just how beneficial crates can actually be. As they come in a variety of designs, differing in the materials they’re made of, the following are examples of the most common options on the market.

Wire Crate Design

Even though they aren’t often viewed as the most comfortable choices, wire crates are a desirable option because they’ve got an open-air construction. This is particularly useful with dogs that have the need to still keep an eye on you even when they want their alone time, as they feel safer knowing you’re around.

Wire Dog Crate
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Not surprisingly, this advantage makes dog cages the ideal choice for pet transport when you’re on the road or air travelling – more so as they’re available in collapsible models too. When you place your beloved pooch inside, you won’t have to worry about whether or not it has obstructed airflow during the trip. Furthermore, this also makes them the perfect options for dogs with long coats who would otherwise feel very warm in enclosed crates.

In case you have a dog that’s one of the hairless breeds, and you fret he or she might be rather cold in one of these, you can easily customise the level of warmth and comfort by adding a dog blanket inside, or even fitting a dog bed of your choice – whatever helps the crate retain the needed heat for them to stay snug. Bamboo is a natural fabric you can count on for the blankets as it’s known for its incredible properties, among which odour resistance, moisture absorbance, thermoregulation and hypoallergenic besides the unmatched softness.

Plastic Crate Design

Not differing that much in price than the wire dog crate, the plastic crate is a nice pick if you’re looking for something more lightweight and enclosed – perfect for dogs that like some more peace and quiet when they sleep. You’d love it for the ease with which you can carry it around, be it at home or when you’re out with your doggo.

Plastic Dog Crate
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Another great property you’d also appreciate is the fact it offers more insulation than the previous alternative. As it’s got an enclosed design, it’s able to retain the heat which comes in handy especially with keeping your dog warm in the winter time. It’s a perfect choice for training pups as well if you plan on switching to the soft-sided designs later on, though you might find it rather less appealing considering the more challenging maintenance than with the wire.

Still, as this type of dog crate now comes in a design that’s easily disassembled by unlocking the side latches, you can take away the parts within minutes and better reach all of the spots that you’d otherwise struggle to clean thoroughly. If you’re worried about them being too warm, particularly in summer, you can easily solve this with the addition of a compact and practical crate cooling fan.

Wooden Crate Design

Now this last option of a crate is one of the heavy duty types taking the sturdy construction of wood into account. What’s so great about it, well besides the incredible durability, is it can serve as a fancy furniture piece in your home too, along with being your pooch’s sleeping and hiding spot.

Wooden Dog Crate
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Even if you can’t take it on your trips outdoors, as it lacks in flexibility, the fact it can add to the interior décor makes it a multi-purpose piece that’s pleasing to the eye as much as it’s useful for your pet. Same as with the wire counterpart, you can increase the comfort with the addition of a blanket.

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