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Australian Trucking Industry: Road Freight Sector Outlook Report


Australian logistics and transportation industry generates about $94 billion, including the road, rail, air and sea freight sectors, along with handling and warehousing. The road freight industry (also known as the trucking industry) is the most dominant and profitable sector, as it generates over $52 billion and provides advantages in terms of convenience, price and speed. Also, the road freight sector is the only sector that offers door-to-door services without a transport mode change. As a result, the road freight sector accounts for over 80% of Australia’s total freight year after year.

Even though the road freight is the most fuel-intensive sector, the ever-increasing cost efficiency of the rail freight makes the road freight the most attractive way of transporting inter-capital non-bulk freight. The largest industry consumer of road freight transportation services is the retail and wholesale trade sector, followed by manufacturing, agriculture, construction and mining industries. Australian experts believe that in the next few years the demand for road freight services by the mining and construction industry will greatly increase. This means that an increased number of people will buy trucks to expend their businesses.

The transport modes do not have an equal share of road freight services revenue. The interstate and intrastate have almost equal shares of revenue, but the revenue generated by interstate and capital city are expected to decrease. Before you expend your business and buy trucks, check out our blog and read the latest trends, news, statistics and outlook reports regarding the
road freight sector in Australia.

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