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Benefits of Weathershields: In-Channel vs Stick-on Mounting Method


Weather shields, also known as rain guards, window deflectors, wind deflectors or window visors, are some of the most underrated automotive accessories that can change your entire driving experience. You have to experience them first to understand how effective they are, and once you do, life without them will be hard. The main purpose of weather shields is to improve your car’s aerodynamics when your windows are open, reducing wind noise, allowing you to drive with open windows for ventilation, and leaving the windows a bit open without attracting thieves.

Shopping for a weathershield is quite simple – all you have to do is consider the installation method and the finish. Picking the finish is up to personal taste, and you’ll typically have to choose between a chrome and tinted finish. On the other hand, you’ll have to put some more thought into the installation method. You can either fit them snugly into the window’s channel or tape them onto the exterior of your door frames.weather shield for car windows

In-Channel Weathershield Mount Method

In-channel window deflectors feature a thin flange that can fit into the door’s upper window channel. Most applications use tension in order to keep the weather shield car securely mounted in place. This installation method is very simple because the tape comes with a protective backing that you’ll have to peel before installing. Additionally, there aren’t any unsightly fasteners to deal with. As a result, you’ll get a flush-looking profile and ease of removal. However, there are also disadvantages to using this method. Namely, you might get marks on your windows from frequent up-down contact, and you may experience interference with the power window motors if they’re too sensitive to resistance.

Stick-on Weathershield Mount Method

Stick-on weather shields are attached to the exterior of your car’s door frames with a special tape applied just above the window channel. Installing the weather shield this way requires more skill than the in-channel method, and before completing the installation, you’ll need to evenly position the visor between the top part of the door and the top part of the window. The main advantage of the stick-on mounting method is the fact that there’s no interference with auto-reverse power windows. Stick-on weathershields come either tinted or chromed.

Bottom line is, weathershields are extremely valuable car accessories that everyone can afford and should consider buying. You can easily find a model that will fit great with your car, regardless of whether it’s stick-on or in-channel mounted.

By Anthony Hendriks

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