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Dog Supplies: Whelping Box and Playpen Compared

Dog Whelping Box

As every dog owner would tell you, adopting a puppy comes with great responsibility. Scary as it might seem, it’s only natural to provide your beloved pet with the best care possible once you welcome it in the family – so no, it’s not something meant to trouble a new owner, it’s just that things get significantly easier when you get the heads-up.

One of these is the importance of getting suitable dog supplies that have to do with their safety and TLC in the form of a whelping box. Or maybe it’s getting a playpen? Read up to find out!

Do Dogs Need a Whelping Box?

dog whelping box
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The short answer is yes. Now, the long answer would be me explaining why that is. For starters, you can find a whelping box for sale that’s created to give the owner the help he or she needs by providing a safe place where a pregnant doggo would give birth.

Dog breeding is no easy business, more so when you decide to carry it out in your abode but it gets a great deal easier when you’ve got the proper equipment in the form of these boxes. Besides being of assistance for both serious and occasional breeders, they also come in handy with offering a safe and secure space for the growing puppies to eat, sleep and play once they get into the play phase.

All this with the needed amount of space to give you the peace of mind they won’t be accidentally smothered by the mum. In this aspect, the ingenuity of the whelping box is much more useful than that of the dog crates which can easily get crowded when the whole family is in. Available in different sizes, you can choose them depending on the dog size, plus the size of the family.

This makes them great even for owners who have adopted puppies and aren’t into breeding. Moreover, this incredible spaciousness allows you to fill it up with whatever you feel is necessary for dogs to feel their best, be it their comfy dog beds, electric heat pads, toys, or bowls for food and water.

In addition to these amazing benefits, let me also give you the peace of mind regarding the maintenance and cleanliness: taking into account these boxes are made from top-grade materials, such as heavy-duty PVC, they stand up well to wear and tear. As for cleaning, you won’t have to go through much trouble to make them spotless as the designs are made of bits and pieces that are easy to take out without requiring any tools, and wipe with a damp cloth and soap.

Are Dog Pens Good for Puppies?

dog pen
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Again, the answer is yes! Much like the whelping box for sale, the playpens are enclosures that are different from the dog crates given that they’re open and roomy. They’re especially helpful with providing puppies the needed space where they can play, as the name implies, and burn off their energy instead of having them run around your home gnawing on your precious furniture. In other words, it’s the perfect means for training.

Fill the playpens with their favourite toys and you can be sure they won’t go anywhere near your belongings. Also, they’re helpful with offering a safe space for new puppies who are often scared in the new environment. When keeping them in the playpens, they’d feel safe from other pets, or children, when eating or sleeping, enough to relax and start feeling at home.

Unlike the whelping box for sale counterpart, an aspect they share with the the dog carriers and crates is in terms of the materials they’re made from. For instance, besides the heavy-duty plastic, they’re available in breathable mesh as well as metal and they can be found with or without doors. As such, they’re easily portable and easily stored.

What’s the Best of Both Worlds?

dog whelping box with puppies with their mom inside
source: warwickwhelpingboxes.co.uk

Now that you know what’s specific about the two designs, let’s discuss the fact there are designs available at the stores that are a mixture of both to offer you the benefits of both. These are alternatives for dog owners who do occasional breeding and want to offer pups the space where they can play once they grow without having the need to purchase an extra supply.

If this sounds like you, then you might consider the purchase of a whelping box for sale that’s in a combination with a playpen to be a valuable one. You also have the choice to pick one that consists of compartments in the likes of doors that you can take out in a jiffy to transform the box into a playpen. Such designs, that I might also call the 2-in-1, are neat when travelling too, as well as storing them once you don’t need them.

By Anthony Hendriks

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