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Graders Or Scrapers Part 2

Scrapers And Popular Manufacturers

As mentioned, there is an increasing demand for scrapers these days. Attached to tractors or similar purpose vehicles, the scrapers are units that can be used for a variety of applications, such as scraping, removing dirt, gravel or any other unwanted material from the surface. The main reason for the increase in the sales of towed scrapers is their lower costs when compared with self-propelled scrapers. One of the most common uses of scrapers is on highways.

John Deere is the most popular manufacturer of scrapers, offering only four models, but all very popular and widely used. Also, all four models are towed-type scrapers and should be pulled by 200 to 250-horsepower tractors for maximum efficiency and productivity. These scrapers are ejector-models, which means they can meter soil out of the bowl more accurately than the self-propelled scrapers. For ejecting soil, the platform will open in front and the ejector wall will move forward hydraulically in order to push the material out of the bowl.

The five new Caterpillar scrapers are also very popular in the construction and agricultural industry. They have been upgraded significantly when compared with their predecessors. For example, all five models feature a new operator station and electro-hydraulic controls that significantly increase the productivity and operator’s comfort. With a single joystick in place of the old three control levers, these five Caterpillar scrapers offer a simplified operation and very unique experience to the operators.

Caterpillar scrapers come in three different configurations: self-loaders, twin-engines and open bowls. The many new electronics have successfully replaced the old mechanical control system. The CAT scrapers come with an electronic power unit, so their engines feature electronic control module that controls the fuel-injection timing and pressure. The control module monitors many inputs of the scrapers, ensuring an accurate fuel injection timing and pressure for maximized efficiency.

The third manufacturer of scrapers is the American company, Terex. For now, Terex offers only one model – scraper S17E. It is an elevating scraper with 285 horsepower. As most scrapers, the S17E comes with an electronically-managed engine for increased torque and power and an electronically controlled transmission that provides 8 speeds. The switching between gears is very easy. The reversible elevators features two speeds: a general dirt moving mode and a finish dirt moving mode.

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