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Graders Or Scrapers Part 1

Typically, graders are the preferred option when it comes to buying a piece of machinery for leveling surfaces. But today there is an increasing demand and significant increase in the sales of scrapers. Power, weight and transmission, both graders and scrapers dispose with similar basics, but they do differ in many terms. It is traditionally known that graders are more productive, more efficient and ease to use, however, the scrapers today are designed to offer similar benefits.

Graders And Popular Manufacturers

Graders are a vital part of the construction industry today, because they are compact machines used to give a smooth finish on any surface before building a structure of any kind. A grader is a machine that is used to level the uneven surfaces to a specific grade degree. With a large blade or two between the front and the rear axle, the graders are used in many construction projects. Today, there are many manufacturers of graders and each offer different models in terms of capabilities, features and controls. One of the most well-known grader manufacturer is Caterpillar.

Caterpillar offers 10 different graders, ranging from 125 horsepower to huge 500 horsepower. Out of the 10 graders this brand manufactures, the one that is very popular around the world is the 140H. It features a large displacement engine and has 165 horsepower, with the ability to reach 185 horsepower with a variable-horsepower option. The CAT 140H includes many unique features that allow the operators to reach the toughest spots. With 8 forward and 6 reverse speeds, the operators can easily find the right gear for each job.

Another popular manufacturer of graders is John Deere with six models in its product line. The graders are divided in two series; 600 and 700 series. The most popular model from the 600 series is the 670C with the horsepower ranging from 140 to 160. from the 700 series, the 770C grader with horsepower from 155 to 185 is the top-selling model. With the introduction of variable-horsepower engines in both series, the amount of horsepower in the graders varies for +/- 15. The transmissions have also been improved to eight speeds, both forward and reverse, in all six models.

Another, maybe less known manufacturer of graders is New Holland Construction. New Holland Construction offers six models of graders, ranging from 76 horsepower to 205 horsepower. All six models come with a variable-horsepower option and with the heavy-duty main frame. These graders are able to roll heavy materials away with no efforts. New Holland Construction graders also feature cabins that provide exceptional visibility.

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