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Hydraulic Excavators Vs. Wheeled Loaders

The excavators and the loaders are very efficient machines used in the construction industry. These heavy-duty construction beasts can be seen on every major construction site all over the world performing the most difficult construction tasks. But not only for construction, the excavators and the loaders are also used in many other industry sectors, like forestry, mining, landscaping, agriculture etc. For example, in the mining industry, the hydraulic mining excavator is heavily used for digging and removing heavy weight mining rocks and debris. The wheeled loaders on the other hand are extremely versatile machines that can be used for a variety of mining tasks, including loading/unloading and moving materials from one place to another. The bottom line is that both hydraulic excavators and wheeled loaders can move materials and objects at mining sites. So which one is better? The focus in this text will be on determining which machine delivers better results on the job site.


Breakout Force. Generally, the wheeled loaders must be designed with buckets wider than their wheels so that the rims can be protected. This configuration reduces the breakout force of the wheeled loaders. The end results are increased work cycle time and small bucket loads. The mining excavator on the other hand doesn’t come with such configuration, making it ideal for digging, loading and unloading heavy materials and objects at the mining site.

Flexibility And Mobility. The wheeled loaders require more space on the ground in order to maneuver properly. This makes them difficult for working in tight and confined areas where space is limited. But with mining excavator, the maneuverability is not an issue, because it doesn’t have to be moved backward and forward for completing the job efficiently and on time. This is a huge advantage, especially on the mining site.

Operator Fatigue. The mining excavator is a stationary machine, capable to reduce the floor congestion and the operator fatigue. The wheeled loader needs to be constantly moved from one location to another for completing the job. This working procedure requires more attention and increases the operator fatigue.

Tracks VS. Wheels. It is estimated that up to 50% of the wheeled loader operating expanses represent the wheel or tire wear. The tires of the loaders need to be repaired or changed on a regular basis when these machines are used on uneven and difficult surfaces. The tracked machines, like the mining excavator, also have operating cost because of the undercarriage wear, but the wear cycle is significantly longer when compared with the wheeled machines.

Accurate Dumping. Most wheeled loaders are deigned with low dump height. Because of the low dump height, the operators cannot easily see where the load is being dumped. The operator of the mining excavator is positioned very high and can easily see what is being loaded and where needs to be dumped.

As a conclusion, the hydraulic excavators are more efficient and more effective machines for heavy mining tasks when compared with the wheeled loaders.

By Anthony Hendriks

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