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A powerful and durable material handling machine is a must if your work involves dealing with loads of different sizes. Luckily, there are a number of brands on the market that offer a wide range of material handling machines. Before making the final purchase, you should determine the type of equipment that will accommodate the requirements of your application. Generally, you can choose between two types of material handling machines- forklift and a pallet jack. Although the forklift and the pallet jack are used for lifting and moving goods around a warehouse, they are different in some terms.


If you are operating in a small space and the materials you are dealing with are lightweight, a pallet jack is your best and most cost-effective solution. The pallet jack is affordable and requires little maintenance, while offering an incredible maneuverability on the job site. However, the pallet jack doesn’t have the versatility and power of the forklift. If you are operating in a large warehouse where heavier materials need to be stored on high racks, the forklift is not only the best, but maybe the only machine you can use.

The storage is another thing that needs to be considered. The pallet jack doesn’t require a lot of space for storage, while the forklift needs more space for the battery and fuel. Since the pallet jacks are small and compact, they can be a perfect addition for smaller warehouses where light loads need to be moved and stored on certain locations. Also, the pallet jacks can transport all kinds of goods over long distances. However, the forklifts can do all that more efficiently, but with higher costs. A forklift is an expensive solution, but if you need more power, it is definitely a worth investment.


The forklift provides an incredible versatility, and allows you to place loads on high locations. This way, you will have more floor space to do other things. With a pallet jack, all the moving and storing will need to be done manually, which means it would be very difficult to place goods above the ground level.

Both pallet jack and forklift have their positive and negative sides, and the best way to decide which one is suitable for you is to consider how much weight you will be dealing on a daily basis, how much room you have to use a certain material handler, and of course, how much money you are willing to spend.

By Anthony Hendriks

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