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Standby Or Portable Generators – Which Is Better

A day without electricity can be really annoying, especially these days when everything we do requires electric power. During winter, many people use electricity as a power to heat their homes or business offices, so a power outage can be a real problem. But, did you know that there is a way to avoid this common situation? The solution is called a generator. The generators are devices capable to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy which can be used in external circuits. You have two options: standby or portable generators. Although both generators are demanded on the market, each type has its pros and cons. In order to choose the right generator, we did a short comparison between them.

Portable Generators


The portable generators are described as economical and convenient machines that provide enough electric power during an outage. The portable generators are more preferred than the standby generators, because they offer more options. Powered by gasoline or propane, the portable generators deliver the right amount of power for any homeowner. You can match your power requirements with a portable generator with capacity ranging from 500 watts to few thousands kilowatts. The great advantage of using a portable generator is that you can easily move and place the generator where you like. The amount of power that can be provided by the portable generators depends on the fuel tank they have.

Standby Generators


The standby generators use an automatic transfer switch to disconnect the utility power flow. These generators are very convenient and are powered by natural gas. To run properly, they need to be connected to existing gas lines, which means you don’t need to go for fuel during bad weather conditions. Also, most standby generators don’t make loud noise. Whether you need a back-up power for small home or for large luxurious home, there are different standby generators which are capable to deliver the required amount of energy.

When considering a standby generator, pay attention on the installation cost. You are (probably) unable to install it by yourself, which means you will need to hire one or two professionals to do it.

The next time you face a power outage, be prepared with a standby or portable generator.

By Anthony Hendriks

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