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Buying A Hand Pallet Truck? Compare Key Features First

The hand pallet truck is a compact machine which can be used for a wide range of material handling applications, such as order picking, horizontal transport, stacking and loading/unloading. Designed with strong and durable parts, this truck allows efficient and safe movement of goods with very little effort. When on the market for a hand pallet truck, there are several factors that need to be closely considered so that he right model can be chosen. The price is important consideration, but you need to pay attention on the loading capacity and engine type as well. Finding the right model for your needs can be difficult. Before buying a hand pallet truck, have in mind the following features:

Hand pallet truck key features – Different manufacturers design hand pallet trucks with different features, but we will mention only those we see as relevant and prominent for comparison. Let’s take the grace-able bushings for an example. They are little metal sleeves placed inside the pivot points on the truck. When the forks of the pallet truck are raised or lowered, these metal pieces protect the forks from wear. This feature offers you the ability to extend the life span of your truck, which is a sign of durability. However, it is important to grease the bushings, otherwise they will wear out quickly.

Pallet truck weight – The reason why the weight is on our list is because many manufacturers make claims about the durability and the efficiency of their hand pallet trucks based on the weight. For example, some manufacturers compare the weight of their electric trucks to other similar machines with a purpose to show that their truck is durable and highly efficient.

Pallet truck height – This is very important factor to consider when buying a hand pallet truck. The reason for that is because the height can either limit or make the hand pallet truck capable of working in tight and narrow places. The construction of pallet trucks can vary depending on the producer, so very often we can find less expensive pallet trucks with a smaller opening which makes it difficult for a truck’s fork to enter the fork pockets.

Pallet truck warranty – The warranty that is provided by the manufacturers reflects the confidence they have in their machines. It also shows the value of the truck. A hand pallet truck with longer warranty would be more expensive than a pallet truck with a shorter warranty.

By Anthony Hendriks

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