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Synthetic Or Organic Girls Shirts


Feb 3, 2014

We hear so much about the organic clothes nowadays that most of us wonder what are the advantages of using organic over synthetic clothing for our children. If you sit to browse for girls clothes online, you will notice that many online retailers offer organic girls shirts as a safer choice for your kid. Is there really a difference between synthetic and organic girls shirts or is this only a powerful new way companies advertise their products.

  • When you shop for girls clothes online, it is better to look for organic ones, since children have very sensitive skin which can be irritated from the chemical and synthetic colors. Choosing organic girls shirts would be a better choice since the natural fiber is grown without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizer that can irritate the skin and cause allergies. Synthetic clothing undergoes various chemical processes that damage fibers by adding chemical dyes, formaldehyde resins and other chemical treatments that can cause allergies, rushes, skin irritation and in some cases, even blindness. When you shop for girls shirts, you never think about production process. Conventional cotton fabrics are dyed, treated with softeners and other chemicals.
  • What makes organic clothing better than conventional is the fact that the organic clothes last longer. You will see the difference after the second wash since the conventional clothing begins to break down due to all the bleaching, dying and scouring. On the other hand, organic girls shirts would last longer since fibers have not underwent harmful chemical processes. Next time you browse for girls clothes online, look for organic ones since the fabric is softer and of good quality. Organic clothing does not leave tiny strands or also known as dust like many cotton clothes do, what can affect your baby’s respiratory tracts and cause coughs or even asthma.
  • When it comes to your baby, you want to buy comfy clothes that will allow skin to breath. If you have this in mind when buying girls clothes online, then organic is the perfect choice. Organic clothes are highly breathable and safe for your baby to wear. It is known that babies’ skin is three time thinner than ours, which means it is more vulnerable to dryness and susceptible to harmful bacterias. Therefore, organic clothing is better choice than conventional since it absorbs moisture well. Whether buying crop tops for girls or girls shirts, you should look for the organic ones since they will not cause irritation like most synthetic clothing will.

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