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Cotton vs. Silk vs. Polyester Women’s Nightwear

Women's Nightwear


A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy existence including both one’s physical and mental health. In light of that, we should all try to follow the general steps to better night sleep. Except for that, wearing comfy, soft and breathable nightwear is also essential. It has been proven that the type of fabric we choose for our women’s nightwear can play a major role in how well we sleep at night, thus choosing the right one is quite important.


Cotton is the most popular type of natural fabric used for women’s nightwear, and for a reason too. This natural fabric is extremely soft to the touch, lightweight, easy to care for and breathable. Cotton is also great in keeping moisture away from the body which makes it ideal for the unbearably hot Australian summer nights. Cotton also offers thermal insulation – thanks to its ability to trap air between its fibres, such nightwear can help you stay cool during summer and warm during winter. Those of you who have sensitive skin can benefit a lot from wearing a cotton nightgown since cotton has hypoallergenic properties which means that it won’t irritate the skin. Regarding the type, there are lots of cotton nightgowns to choose from – with or without sleeves, short, long or medium length. The details vary as well with lace, embroidery, and buttons being some of the many you can choose from, meaning that cotton nightgowns are not ordinary at all.

women's nightwear


When it comes to choosing something more eye-catching and romantic, nothing can beat the beauty of silk nighties. Silk is another type of soft natural fibre, ideal for those nights when you want to wear something sassier than usual. Just like cotton, silk is great at absorbing moisture which makes it ideal for those of you who tend to sweat more. Breathability and durability are some other types of properties of this fabric, however, comfort is not one of them. If you wonder why, the reason is simple, they are way too slippery.


Polyester is a synthetically derived type of fabric which is used for manufacturing literally everything, from a vast range of objects to clothing. Some even consider polyester a cheap substitute for cotton, however that’s only at a first glance. Yes, it might be quick to dry and fade resistant, however, polyester it’s not the most recommended type for clothing, especially not for nightgowns. The main and most obvious reasons for that is that polyester is not a natural type of fabric, it’s not breathable and it can’t absorb moisture. Thus, it can even be harmful  for our skin and overall health.

By Jessie Sanner

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