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Dining Bench Seats VS Chairs – Which is Better

dining table with bench

Choosing the right outdoor furniture doesn’t really come easy, not every arrangement will work for every space nor will every space work for every family and so on. Deciding what you should buy between dining bench seats or chairs means you need to look at what kind of space you have and what your family or you will need. To determine what you should purchase for your outdoor space, you need to sit down and think of what you want to get out of it. Below we’ll go over the benefits and downfalls of both dining chairs and dining bench seat and hopefully make your decision a little easier.

Dining Bench Seat

Let’s start with chairs.

They offer something benches cannot offer you and that is having your own personal space and place to sit in a crowded area. They are comfortable in the way that each guest can have own personal space so they don’t feel cramped or squeezed like a can of sardines, even with a lot of guests. Even if personal space is not an issue for you or your family, it could still prove to be a more beneficial option than dining bench seat depending on your preferences.

One of the main positives when it comes to chairs is that they are easy to arrange and move around which basically gives you endless possibilities on how you can arrange them in your space which also makes them a popular choice. You can pull them around a dining table, easily store them away when you don’t need them or maybe even arrange them around a bonfire. Another great thing about chairs is that guests can sit facing each other or in a circle what makes ‘engaging in conversation’ easier to do. Chairs are more comfortable than dining benches as they usually provide back support and also sometimes include armrests. You can amp up the comfort factor by throwing on some pillows.

Let’s move on to a dining bench seat.

The first main benefit is that unlike chairs that can take up a lot of space, benches can seat just as many guests but still leave room in space. A bench can usually seat up to 3 people but in that space you might only be able to fit 2 chairs. Benches are a great choice for someone who is looking to save space or doesn’t have much space to begin with. Another great thing about benches is that they’re easy to put away and hide when you need some extra space for kids or pets.

A backless dining bench seat can easily slide under tables so they can be pushed completely out of the way which is something that is harder to do with chairs. Another thing a chair can’t do is it can’t look like anything else. When a chair is out of use, it still looks like a chair, a bench, however, can be transformed into a decorative piece for your home. You can use it like a low table in the yard or add some candles on top of it or rustic lanterns and put it in the yard for a welcoming feel.

Of course there are no rules to which one you must buy, you should base your decision on what feels right for you, your family, your friends, and your home. Chairs are comfortable and give you space, benches seat more people and can be easily tucked away, but don’t let the differences between them stop you from getting both. You can always add the bench when you feel necessary or just slide it out from the table when you’ve invited more guests and just keep your chairs around. As our friends from HelloWebz say, you can find plenty of quality outdoor dining seats and tables in local warehouses or you can shop, browse and compare various outdoor furniture settings online, all with the click of a button.

By Jessie Sanner

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