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Traditional or Contemporary Letterboxes

traditional letterbox

Nearly everybody will have a mailbox or letterbox on their property; it is an essential feature that we all need in our daily lives. It keeps all out letters, bills, newspapers and parcels safe when they are delivered to our homes. Letterboxes make receiving everything you need easy. One of the decisions that any property owner has to make is whether they should be choosing a traditional letterbox or to go for letterboxes that are more contemporary.


A traditional letterbox is great for nearly everyone. Aside from a simple design, a traditional mailbox with a clapper top has a large opening that can fit nearly everything inside it. You can easily receive parcels or bigger mail like A4 envelopes without having the post man crush them completely or telling you to pick them up at the post office. The classic design also stands up to the test of time and never goes out of style. The downside is that nearly everyone on the block will have the same stock standard letterbox as you, so your house will not stand out. So maybe you should go with a more contemporary style and design.

Contemporary letterboxes are made from a wide variety of materials which may include stainless steel and they can be excellent at resisting the weather elements, plus they look unique and stylish. The great thing about stainless steel is that they will last you a lifetime and because of this end up giving you the best value for money. Contemporary letterboxes also come in so many shapes and sizes so you are sure to find one that you like as well as something that will suit your style and home.

You can find a letterboxes in so many different styles including traditional stainless steel to contemporary stainless steel letterboxes. You can find them in different construction stores or you can easily jump online where you can browse through a large selection and decide on what you like. Not only is finding a letterbox online easy, you can also compare models, compare prices and buy right from the comfort of your own home. Choose a letterbox that will make your home and lawn stand out and more unique than the rest of your block.


Note: Remember that fitting new letterboxes is not the easiest task if you are thinking about taking the DIY approach. This is something that should be done with care if you’re thinking about installing it on the lawn or building one into the door. You can do this to nearly every front door including wooden and PVC doors alike. The most daunting part of the whole thing, is cutting a hole out of your front door which can go wrong, so it’s best left for the professionals to do.

By Jessie Sanner

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