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City Or Countryside Life

There is always a big dilemma about where life is better – in a jammed city or in the countryside. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is a matter of personal taste. For some, everyday noise, traffic jams and congestion is what fulfills their lives. For others, clean fresh air, raising and taking care of animals, working in a field growing various plants, maintaining farming equipment such as tractors, livestock trailers, etc. is what makes them happy. Here we will highlight the most important features and benefits of both city and countryside.

Let’s start with the city and what are the advantages of living in an urban area. For those who want tumultuous and quality social life, the city is ideal place to reside in. City offers great number of possibilities in all life areas – intellectual, emotional, professional, physical and recreational. You can gain greater and more versatile knowledge if living in a city. Ultimately, your professional life will be more successful and so will your social life. In the city you meet people of different backgrounds, culture, religion beliefs, nationality, etc. on a daily basis. All these interactions will broaden your horizons. Unlike countryside, in the city you can visit various places, from cinemas, theaters, bars and discos to museums, parks, zoos, etc.

Also, for those who can’t live without shopping, the city will always be the first choice, because there are all kinds of shopping centers and boutiques where literally everything can be found. Quality education, adequate and modern medicine and employment opportunities are undoubtedly the best features city offers. On the other hand, living and working in big cities has its own disadvantages. Usually the city is overcrowded. People are everywhere and traffic jams are becoming a big problem, making it very difficult to get from one point to the next fast.

The safety is another big issue as crime rates are high. And safety is one of the major benefit of living in the countryside. Usually, rural areas are not as populated and all residents more or less know each other well. Therefore, possibility of theft or any other type of criminal act is slight. Aside from low safety risks, the quality of life is what makes countryside appeal to many. In the rural areas, skyscrapers and traffic jams are replaced with mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and other breathtaking landscapes. And without noise and daily stress, life in the countryside is more peaceful and ultimately healthier.

Also, the fact that rural areas offer organic food, unpolluted air and clean water, or simply said highly qualitative lifestyle, makes the countryside ideal place for raising family. Yes, people here do not have high-paid office jobs, but are occupied with agriculture and farming. And that is sufficient enough as the cost of living is lower. People who live in the countryside have very different views on life. They are not occupied with money-based success. They love raising animals, harvesting their land, and investing in items that will actually improve their life and not make it even more complicated. City residents may not see themselves milking cows, collecting chicken eggs, driving tractors, relocating animals with livestock trailers, etc, but this the countryside lifestyle is healthier. Yes, the countryside has some disadvantages such as undeveloped transportation system, limited employment opportunities, inactive social life, etc., but for people who like piece and physical activity, the countryside is ideal choice. The bottom line is that whichever choice you make, it will solely depend on your preferences and type of lifestyle.

By Anthony Hendriks

The life of the party, Anthony is always up for spending some time with family and friends, when not blogging of course! Ever since a child, his love for books of mystery, race cars and travelling keeps on growing so it's difficult for him to single out that one all-time favourite hobby. If there's one thing he hates, though, it's having pictures taken but you already guessed that from his choice of plant photo for the blog.