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Girls on Wheels: Rollerblades Vs. Skateboards

Girls on Rollerblades
picture of a girl in rollerblades on a street beside a send
source: littlecurrywurst.com

Rollerblading or roller skating and skateboarding are great sports on wheels, and for kids, all of them are a great choice, since they activate the entire body, and more importantly, they are fun, and they look cool and a little bit dangerous, which makes them even more attractive for the little ones. Riding a bike is of course a lot of fun for kids, as well, but incorporating another sport on wheels can be a nice challenge for them and a great addition to their active lifestyle. And because staying active is really important for people of all ages, and for kids, it’s vital – as parents it’s crucial that we find a fun sport that our daughters will love. And kids adore these types of sports.

So, similar in some ways and different in others, if your question is which one you should choose to buy for your daughter – roller skates or a skateboard –, the easiest way to find the answer is to compare the two. By comparing rollerblading or roller skating and skateboarding you can narrow down your choice and your daughter can start one or the other. And to make your choice easier, there are several things you can take into account: difficulty, learning curve, cost, safety etc.

One of the ways many people choose between these two fun sports on wheels is by their daughter’s age since for most it looks like roller skates or rollerblades are safer, especially for younger kids. But it may be a little bit more difficult for somewhat older kids because they are both similarly fun and safe, and ultimately it will all come down to your own, as well as your daughter’s preferences.

If You Choose Roller Skating

picture of two girls on roller blades in a park
source: MusicFox Fx on Unsplash

There are many reasons why you would want to buy fun-loving courageous girls rollerblades or roller skates and probably the best one is that you can enjoy it along with them. This is because even if you haven’t roller skated, you can learn relatively easy to learn some light rollerblading, or, in other words, simply take “walks on wheels”. Another reason to go for roller skates is that while there are types of skateboards, which are better for simply strolling down the streets, they are a better mode of transportation.

While both require a lot of practice, when it comes to difficulty and learning curve, roller skating is easier than skateboarding. This is also true for people trying to learn tricks, in case your daughter really falls in love with her girls inline skates or rollerblades and decides to continue with the sport when she grows up.

Once you’ve decided against a skateboard, next you will have to choose between rollerblades and inline roller skates. The main difference between the two is how their wheels are positioned: whether they are all in a single line in the middle of the shoe, or if they are positioned in two lines, two by two. While some people claim that rollerblades are somewhat easier for beginners, the beginning is a little bit challenging either way.

If You Choose Skateboarding

picture of a girl on a skateboard in the woods
source: Leslie Cross

While boys on skateboards is a more common sight, and skateboarding is a little bit of a boy’s club, it’s far from a male sport. Girls can skate just as easily and just as good, so if your daughter likes it, and this is your only objection – forget about it and let her enjoy herself.

If you compare the two, standing on a skateboard can be easier than standing on rollerblades. However, when it comes to doing tricks, skateboards can be more difficult to master. Furthermore, skateboards don’t have brakes, but instead, your daughter would have to learn how to stop, while with roller blades, she would be able to use the brakes when she wants to.

Skateboards come in different types, but for a child, you should choose between the two main ones: classic skateboards (double kicks) and longboards (single kicks). These two types are best suited for different styles of skating, and in order to choose a type, you need to take a few things into consideration: the child’s age and the place where they’ll be skating.

Benefits of Skating

picture of a girl with a smile on her face riding a skateboard
source: lisboa ind. on Unsplash

These sports offer an endless number of benefits for your child’s physical and mental health, and most of them more or less the same. So, if you think that you can find out which one is better, unfortunately, that’s impossible. And that is because they are simply both great.

Both these sports will help your child build her physical endurance, become stronger and more courageous, improve her motor skills etc. Both are also great for children’s cognitive development, their social skills, their creativity, their curiosity, and most importantly they are great for their mental health.

Since they can be somewhat difficult to pick up and master, girls rollerblades, rollerblades and skateboards are a great way to teach a kid about responsibility, disciplinе, persistence, dedication and so on. To develop the skill, they’ll need to practice a lot. Furthermore, sports like these also teach kids that in order to be good they need to keep trying, even when they fail at something the first time.

Your daughter will also have to get really creative; she’ll challenge herself, and she’ll probably have to teach herself. Once you choose which types of wheels she’ll skate on, if she takes the sport more seriously, she’ll have to choose a style, and make it her own. She’ll be able to meet people who also skate, and make a lot of friends etc.

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