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Who Wins the Battle: Blackout Vs. Transparent Curtains for Windows

Blackout Curtains


If there’s one accessory that has made the biggest comeback in the world of interior design the past couple of years, that has to be curtains. Plain, boring windows are no longer the sight that homeowners adore, and how would they, when nothing screams ‘cozy’ than a gorgeous curtain that adds warmth to your home. However, when opting to install curtains in their home, many people hesitate whether they should go for blackout or transparent curtains for windows. That, of course, depends mostly on the ambient they wish to achieve and their personal preferences. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both options and help you out choose the best one for your needs.

Transparent curtains

The name of these curtains comes from the material they are made of – a transparent fabric that lets light go through. If you’re looking for the ideal piece to tie your interior design together, then transparent curtains for windows are your best choice. They are airy and light, bringing a touch of luxury to your space. Sheer curtains are mostly used in dining spaces, living rooms, bedrooms or in rooms with strong patterns and bold colours as they provide the space with visual relief. They can be both – a statement accessory in the room or just an element that blends in the overall decor of the room.

When choosing transparent curtains for windows, you need to keep in mind the amount of light you want to enter the room. Since they are see-through, they won’t block any of the daylight coming into your room, and they don’t offer much privacy. On the other hand, you will still be able to enjoy that gorgeous window view that you so love, have some level of privacy and add warmth to your interior. What more do you need? Plus, since they are made of see-through fabrics, they create a visual impression of a larger space, which makes them perfect for small rooms. If you love everything about sheer curtains but you want a bit more privacy, you can pair them with blackout curtains. This way you will have both style and functionality.

Blackout curtains

These curtains are the complete opposite of sheers. They offer a lot of privacy and better light control. They are made from a thicker material, which means they prevent the sun from entering your home and provide great insulation. They are usually made of blackout material, but not necessarily. You can choose ones made of dimout and light filter fabrics and simply add the blackout lining on the back side. Blackout curtains are usually installed in bedrooms and kids’ rooms – basically in all rooms where you need to unwind and get the much-needed dose of z’s. Also, ensure they cover the entire window for maximum privacy and minimal light if that’s what you want.

Keep in mind that installing blackout curtains will darken the room and might make it appear smaller than it is, so make sure they are placed in rooms with a light-colored interior. You may also need additional lamps or other lighting sources to make the room feel homier. Some people find these curtains looking rather plain and dull so you might need extra accessories to add a touch of style in the room. For instance, you can buy a valance and place it across the top or choose a lace panel or a sheer one and install it behind the curtain. Also, blackout curtains can be more expensive, considering the fact that they are made of more sturdy fabrics.

By Jessie Sanner

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