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Using the Benefit of Water Therapeutics: Hot Tubs of Pools?

hot tub therapy

In the stressful lives we lead today, relaxation becomes a must. Getting in the habit of relaxing does well for both body and mind which is exactly what water can do and its therapeutic properties have been known for centuries. Visiting local spas and pools is a way to treat yourself to it but it’s far better when you have your water fun in your own home.


If you have the space enough for a pool you should consider yourself lucky, however, make sure you think well before you make the investment – you might want to give hot tubs a chance instead.

When compared to pools, they are more compact options and they are available in different sizes and not just hot tub round in shape but also square among others, for example, so you’re sure to find something that fits your space.

Moreover, they are much more affordable than pools initially. Constructing a pool can turn out to be quite the costly project that you weren’t expecting, and it all depends on the materials you choose, the design itself, the time and equipment it takes to build it in your yard. With the hot tub round or oval, rectangular or square, you know the price immediately.

Round Hot Tub

Then, there’s also the consideration of maintenance. Given that it’s water we’re talking about, pools and tubs require hygiene to prevent the bacteria from breeding, particularly the tubs because they thrive especially in warm water, however even in this aspect pools turn out to be costlier.

First, there’s the amount of water required to fill them up, then there’s the fact they need more maintenance (depending on the size), more chemicals, and if you want to extend the swimming season, you have to think of heating costs. Hot tubs provide fun year-round, more so when you get a tub with LED lights!

Furthermore, they are equipped with massage jets so you get to use the advantage of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home. Not only are they ideal for reducing stress, they are helpful with boosting the immune system, improving circulation and providing relief for aches in pains of muscles and joints.

Many who are in favour of pools say they prefer them because of being able to swim laps in them, well just know that hot spa can be a pool too, allowing you to exercise same way. And last, there’s the safety issue with pools as opposed to the safer (yes, even for kids!) hot tubs.

By Jessie Sanner

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