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Streetwear Footwear Staples: Nike Air Jordan 1 or Nike Air Jordan 4?

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When it comes to streetwear staples you should adopt for a genuine look that reflects the beginnings of the style in the proper manner, there’s no doubt footwear makes the cut. Out of the iconic brands that have made their contributions to this style, as much as the role in defining sports, Nike is one of the most beloved among sports enthusiasts and fans of streetwear and retro style alike.

Though there’s certainly no shortage of options of timeless classics of Nike shoes Australia retailers can supply you with, two particularly stand out with the unbeaten popularity over the years: Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4. Why should people buy Air Jordans? Because, in addition to the wide recognition in the world of athletes and celebrities, and the close connection to the man, the myth, the legend Michael Jordan, they’re still unique in design as they ever were, remaining trendy even in terms of current standards.

They’re also available in limited releases from different collabs which further adds to the uniqueness and hype, besides the amazing choice of quality materials, and the attention to detail in order to provide the wearer with the kind of kicks that are comfortable, supportive, and boost performance. Fit for daily wear, and sports-specific wear, like playing some hoops with friends, there are many reasons why this brand, and these designs, are worth the investment.

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source: nike.com

Air Jordan 1

This streetwear and basketball staple appeared on the market in 1985 after first being worn by basketball great MJ in 1984 during his time in the Chicago Bulls. This design was tied to the player’s rookie season in the NBA so it’s not surprising they quickly became the hottest Nike shoes to be worn both on and off the court, especially after they (Air Ship but that’s another story) were banned by the NBA as it didn’t meet the league’s uniformity rules with the colours.

Featuring the leather upper with the signature Nike Air tongue labels, and the Nike Swoosh down the sides, this iconic “Bred” or “Banned” black and red design also became available in white, black-red, famous as the “Chicago”, followed by the white, black, red “Black Toe”. Despite the red, there have been other combinations too, creating classic Nike Air OGs such as the black and royal blue “Royal”, white and blue “Kentucky” or “Storm Blue”, white and Carolina blue “UNC”, black and grey “Shadow”, white and natural grey, white and black “Panda”, and the metallic series.

You can find these OG models as releases and retro designs either identical or with some modern upgrades at any specialised retailer of Nike shoes Australia round and be sure of purchasing quality. In terms of fit, they are roomy, and fit true to size so it’s best to look for your regular size instead of going a size up, though if you have your concerns, it’s best to try before you buy. Keep in mind they fit the feet snugly, and if you need more space, despite how lightweight they are to wear, you might want to go half a size up.

In case you buy online, measure your feet (yes, both!) and then look for the sizing chart on the site to compare. What most wearers and fans of the Air 1 agree on is the incredible traction these kicks have. Support-wise, the OG with the internal heel counter and optimal choice and fit of materials plus the iconic flat base provide you with peace of mind.

Aesthetics-wise, these classics are the standard you must build up your streetwear style with but don’t think they’re only suitable for t-shirt + jeans, hoodie + sweatpants, jersey + shorts combos, since now that athleisure has become the norm, you can adopt some playful looks that are on the side of smart casual too.

nike air jordans hung around michael jordan's neck
Michael Jordan Nike Air Jordan adverts

Air Jordan 4

Following the huge success, the 4 was released in 1989 by the same designer who was one of the three responsible for the Air 1 – Tinker Hatfield. What made this design particularly stand out in a market that already had plenty to offer was the triangular support wing and mesh netting as the standout features. What this meant was despite the high tops they shared with the predecessor, the new 4 designs, available in four original colours, were quite different and unique on their own.

In addition to the iconic Fire Red, Black Cement (i.e. Bred), White Cement, and Military Blue colourways, these Nike sneakers are also available in a range of other colour combinations, adding to the versatility, fun, and aesthetics. Some of these include Columbia (White/Columbia Blue-Midnight Navy), Oreo (Black/Black-Cool Grey), White Oreo, Bling Bling (White/White-Chrome), Thunder (Black/Tour Yellow-White), and University Blue among others.

person lacing up nike air jordan 4's
source: thesolesupplier.co.uk

In terms of logos, the Air 4 either have the Jumpman logo (the newer models) or the Nike Air logo (the retro). As far as the wearable bit, these may feel a tad bit more restrictive than the Air 1, as they are somewhat bulkier, so you should go half a size up if you like the looser fit. If this doesn’t help, then you might have to do with the Air 1 as they’re more lightweight. Support-wise, the visible air cushioning unit in the sole is enough to give you an understanding that they are comfortable and good on your feet and posture.

Aesthetics-wise, the reduced amount of the logo and branding as opposed to the previous counterpart, plus the sleek, stylish and timeless appeal with the mesh details, make these the more fashionable of the two with more flexibility to style them up with suits as well. This isn’t to say that the others can’t be incorporated into your dressier wardrobe options either.

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