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Streetwear Talk: Russel Athletic vs Champion


A few years ago, streetwear was a term used to describe non-designer clothes that were worn every day on the streets. It was popular around the skateboarding and BMX bike culture in urban environments around the world. The silhouettes were loose and long, and the styles mainly consisted of affordable hoodies, graphic tees, caps, bucket hats, sneakers and certain types of jeans. Simply said, there were things guys just wanted to wear all day.

The problem back there was how streetwear collections were released. The limited production and high demand caused streetwear to become highly popular. Wearing an item was something that couldn’t pass unnoticed by others in the know. This practice has made many brands become billion-dollar companies.

Today, streetwear is a vibe and look that anyone can afford, and this has made the style become a force unlike any other. No matter the many critics there are around the style, streetwear continues to grow every year. Russell Athletic and Champion are big players to know now and forever.

Russell Athletic

women wearing russel athletic tracksuit

With over a century in the business, Russell Athletic is a name you can trust. The brand is well known for comfort, style and durability. In addition to sports attire, the brand also offers polo shirts, T-shirts, shorts, pants and much more. With garment options that keep you cold in the hot season and cosy in a cold environment, Russell Athletic carries all the streetwear that you want and need. Here is what customers think about the brand and its products.

A Good Brand for Men’s T-Shirts

Considered a classic wardrobe staple with a well-known reputation, the Russell Athletic Men’s Soft 100% cotton midweight T-shirt is a must-have. Featuring a relaxed, durable fit, this piece is easy to pair with any outfit in your closet. It can be worn on its own or layered under jackets or bulky sweaters. Renowned for its comfort and versatility, it’s the perfect companion for training sessions, school sport or gym routines.

A Good Brand for Men’s Hoodies

For a fleece hoodie that is warm yet breathable, and that is lightweight and not too bulky, take a look at the Russell men’s Dri-Power Pullover. Made with a lightweight, breathable and soft synthetic fleece, this hoodie can keep you warm when you need it and dry when you don’t. Great features of this hoodie include a drop tail hem design for added coverage, drawcord for extra coziness, an oversized kangaroo pocket for safely storing your necessities, waistband for an oversized feel and rib cuffs.

The brushed fleece on the inside prevents the hoodie from shiting around as well as offers superior moisture-wicking properties that will cause your skin to feel dry even after hours of wear.

A Good Brand for Men’s Athletic Short With Pockets

Available in a range of sizes, colours and styles, there is a Russell Athletic short for every guy. With a spandex waistband, this short is a perfect garment to wear all day long. Inspired by the locker room favourites of past and present, the Russell Athletic shorts have a traditional fit that flatters while still allowing ease of movement.


trainers champion
Source: sulekhi.com

Champion is another brand that specializes in sports and athletic wear. The company has been developing hip hop and streetwear since the beginning of the 1990s. Rappers and hip hop artists of the era were known for wearing the Champion Super hood, which is still a staple today.

One of the most notable accomplishments by Champion are the invention of the hoodie, reversible t-shirts and the breathable mesh material commonly featured in trucker hats. Champion has also produced uniforms for the National Basketball Associations as well as for several major colleges in the USA, as well as the Greek basketball team.

Through the years of its existence, Champion kept innovating to meet the changing trends and meet its customers’ needs. It’s truly a global brand as people from all over the world choose Champion as their go-to choice for sportswear products. The main reason behind this acclamation is the incredible quality of their products. From hoodies to T-shirts and streetwear, the brand has a large collection of outfits that can be used daily. We can say that Champion’s products are the perfect combination of durability and style within an affordable price range.

One great thing about the Champion brand is that its unisex style and silhouettes make it easy for males and females to wear effortlessly. In addition to the popular logo-hoodies and sweat pants, the Champion’s line of footwear is as trendy as ever and has replaced some of the older sports apparel favourites.

It’s common to see celebrities wearing these brands daily. When the cool people wear cool brands, this instantly becomes a cool thing to do so. In other words, your should wear them too!

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