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Functional and Fashionable: The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Backpack

Most folks want to know – How do I know what backpack to buy? Well, it makes sense, right? How do you even start with such a wide selection of options? First things first, you want something that will suit your needs, and this is the foundation of proper decision-making. You want it to feel comfortable on your back and fit all your essentials, without adding weight on your shoulders.

You need to make smart choices when you decide to buy a backpack for your needs so it delivers what you’re looking for. But it’s more than just a practical choice. It’s also a fashion statement that can easily complement your style and fit your aesthetics.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Backpack

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When you feel overwhelmed with the available amount of backpacks, it’s easy to make irrational decisions and buy something too small or too big for you. That’s why it’s important to stop and think, what do you need the bag for and what other features does it offer?

Your Needs

Understanding your needs is the foundation of the process. Before you buy a backpack, consider whether you need something for commuting to work or school, carrying your laptop, if your job involves going to business meetings often or if you’re a regular hiker.

For instance, business travellers or hikers require spacious backpacks that will fit all the essentials and not add unnecessary weight to their shoulders. On the other hand, students often need something more durable, sturdy and comfortable or a dedicated laptop backpack. If your commute is longer, you will benefit from having something that provides even distribution of the weight and quick access to the essential items.

Size and Storage Capacity

Another thing that is pivotal when it comes to choosing the right backpack is considering the size and storage space. Try looking for something that will not look too big on your body and thus, feel super uncomfortable. Go for a bag that fits your height and weight and it provides a seamless fit.

Also, storage space is crucial for achieving optimal results and satisfaction from your choice. For everyday casual wear, a capacity of around 20-30 litres would suffice your daily needs. It provides just enough space for packing your items, without looking too bulky.

If you’re a frequent or business traveller, you may need something larger. A pack of 40-60 litres offer ample space for accommodating all of your essentials and personal items and it’s sufficient when on the road. Whereas, hikers will need a much larger space of around 40-70 litres, ensuring enough room for all of your gear and additional equipment.


While not everyone needs a water-resistant pack, choosing the right material is paramount for durability and functionality. Although water-resistant materials such as treated nylon are exceptionally functional, opting for packs made from leather and polyester are also incredibly durable and practical.

The construction of the pack and the materials must provide high protection for the items inside, ensuring smooth and secure access to the compartments. The fabric should withstand any wear and tear, which is crucial for the pack’s durability and optimal performance.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Hiking, travelling and commuting to school and work can be very tiresome. For things to get even more uncomfortable, the packs we carry tend to cause us shoulder and back pain and discomfort. Here is crucial to choose a bag that will feel comfortable on your body. Packs with padded shoulder straps, hip belts or adjustable sternum straps can significantly enhance your overall stability and balance.

The right ergonomics contribute to a better posture, reducing fatigue. Additionally, some bags come with smart sleeve technology that allows stacking your bag on the suitcase for convenient and easy travel.

Design and Style

Besides offering multifunctionality, these accessories should also complement your overall style. After all, they should be a nice blend of style and functionality. The wide range of pack options allows everyone to find something to their taste. The fashion-forward designs add to the aesthetic appeal of the bags, transforming them into fashionable accessories.

Some backpacks feature a sleek profile with a minimalist design and some have a more rugged outdoor aesthetics. If you want a piece of accessory that can easily work with any other colours, opting for black, grey, brown or navy hues will certainly be a timeless choice. However, you can also play with other colours for a more bold and vibrant look.

Types of Backpacks

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The term is pretty self-explanatory. Business packs are essential accessories for the modern professional who is on the quest for a blend of style, professional look and functionality. Their sleek design is what gives them a sophisticated allure and can accommodate laptops, documents or any other work-related items.


The casual packs often feature sleek and modern designs, that provide fashion-forward solutions for your everyday needs. Ideal for everyday use like leisure activities, outgoings, and casual work settings, they provide ample storage, are sufficient for everyday needs and have an overall laid-back style.

Laptop Backpacks

These bags are one of the best things that could happen to anyone who needs to carry their laptop on a daily base. It’s much more convenient to have your laptop packed in a bag that you can just put on your shoulders while keeping your hands free.

They are specifically designed to accommodate laptops. That means that these packs come with padded sleeves, reinforced construction, ample storage and organizational compartments. As such, they ensure a secure and comfortable solution for carrying your laptop around.

Hiking Backpacks

These hiking companions are designed for outdoor enthusiasts, emphasising comfort and even load distribution. They also have specialised features like hydration systems and extra compartments. There are various sizes of hiking backpacks to accommodate different hiking needs.

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