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Residential Exterior Lighting: Solar LED Vs Low-voltage Lights

If you own a house, having it properly illuminated not only from the inside but on the outside as well is a must. Exterior lights are a great way to increase your curb appeal and enhance the safety and functionality around your home. And with so many choices for exterior lighting on your disposal, it can be hard to make a decision. Solar LEDs and low-voltage electric lighting are both excellent options for outdoor illumination simply because they’re easy to install, cost-effective and sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. But how do they differ?

Solar LED Lighting

Unlike hardwired lighting, solar powered lighting uses LED technology. Combining the greenest type of bulbs (LEDs) with 100% green power (solar) results in the most eco-friendly lighting you can hope to find. This way, not only will you get to help save the environment, but you’ll also save some of your well-earned dollars. Solar garden lights have built-in solar panels that collect the sun’s energy and store it in batteries to power the light when the sun goes down. What this means is that a solar LED light system is completely independent from the electrical grid and once you make that initial investment, you can have your garden illuminated totally free of cost.

Besides, LEDs are the most durable lighting option, and with good care, a garden solar LED light can last for more than 10 years. Instead of dying out or blowing out like hardwired lights, LED lights simply decrease their brightness level which can give you a hint when they need changing. And because it does not require any wiring, solar LED lighting is easy to install and rearrange whenever you feel like refreshing your exterior lighting scheme. Everything considered, outdoor solar lights are a set and forget solution that can last for years. Just make sure that you always keep these lights clean, because if the solar panels are completely covered in dirt, they won’t receive the necessary amount of energy from the sun.

Low-voltage Hardwired Lighting

Low-voltage lights are a cost-efficient type of electric lighting which is the choice for many outdoor venues and sporting arenas due to their high level of brightness. Unlike solar lights which you yourself can easily install, the installation of these lights is better left to a professional because the wiring process can be difficult. Despite including cables, low-voltage lights (12-volt) are a more safer alternative to 120-volt lighting because having less energy decreases the risk of electrocution from accidentally cutting a wire.

Besides, a low-voltage system is a lot more energy-efficient than other electrically powered lights, generating more light per watt of power. Taking this into account, plus the fact that the bulbs in this system last longer than the incandescent bulbs used in 120-volt lights, you’ll be able to save some additional dollars. However, it’s still incomparable to the cost-efficiency of solar LED lights. And unlike the solar system, these lights cannot sense when the sun is down so you’ll need to turn them on manually or install a timer.

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