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Snowboard vs. Skate Helmets: What Sets These Apart?

Snowboard vs. Skate Helmets

Whether during winter or summer, when we want to escape from the everyday rat race and breathe in some fresh air, even if it’s just for a couple of days, snowboarding is the right thing to do. Although it is pretty easy to hate winter because you have to wear layers and layers of clothes to stay warm, there is something appealing and beautiful about it. Maybe it is the white romantic scenery it creates or the reflection of the pleasing winter sun in the snow… Regardless of the reason, one thing is certain, the snowy atmosphere is loved by many and snowboarding is a proof of that. In fact, it has been estimated that the number of people who go snowboarding is increasing every year, so if you are considering it yourself, you need to get informed about the most important types of snowboarding equipment – helmets.

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Whether talking about adult or snowboard helmet for kids, both of them should have the ability to provide the person with the needed protection. But when it comes to choosing one, one of the most common mistakes people make is thinking that all helmets are made the same, especially when comparing skate and snowboard helmets. Although they look pretty similar, skate and snowboard helmet for kids and adults differ from one another.

When going snowboarding or skiing, especially for the first time, the chances that you will find yourself quite often on the ground are pretty high. Consequently, these types of sports require wearing special snowboard helmet for kids and adults that can protect your head and support the continued blows while providing you with the needed safety effectiveness. That is why you need to choose a helmet that meets the Australian snowboarding standards  in order to give you the needed effectiveness and protection. Luckily nowadays, you can choose the right one by shopping from a reliable and reputable seller that can provide you with the right size, material, protection, model and colour of snowboarding helmet.

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According to manufacturers and to the helmet’s specifications in particular, skating and bicycling helmets are designed for a single impact. This means that when you fall while skating or bicycling and hit your head really hard (in case you are not wearing a helmet) this could cause death which is why wearing a skating helmet is a must. They are designed precisely for this type of situations and to provide the needed padding and support. The one and only rule here is to find the perfect fit as well as a helmet that can meet all the skating helmet standards.

Snowboarding helmets, on the other hand, are designed to withstand a great number of impacts which means that wearing a skating helmet for snowboarding circumstances is not allowed. Another difference between bike/skate and snowboarding helmets is that the latter provide more head coverage as they start at the forehead and cover the ears and the back of the head right to the top of the neck. Some of them also have a chin bar for added protection of the lower part of the face.

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