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LED Flood Lights or Halogen Flood Lights: Outdoor Lighting can Make a Difference

You have an outdoor space that you just love spending time around, making sure you enjoy reading a book when soaking up the sun daily or just meditating? The great thing about having a vast yard is being able to rest in the outdoors, breathing in fresh air, while still being home. Spring and summer are always the chance for throwing parties and bonding with loved ones, so there’s no better place than being in touch with nature when having all the relaxation. But, to be able to make the most of this area, you’ll have to give it as much decorating thought as you would with your interior décor. This means there’s more to it than just deciding on the furnishing.

Since having a yard doesn’t mean it’s a space that’s strictly to be used during daylight, lighting is a crucial component of the overall appearance. It can help you set a different tone, be it romantic or serene, and create a visual impact by accentuating certain decorating features such as your colourful flower spot, the charming bird feeder or an important area like the parking lot for instance. Being out and about in your yard at night when there’s little to no light can be all fun and games until you miss the step as you walk through the stairs.

If you want to make the space more inviting and avoid giving your guests a night to remember because of twisting an ankle, or worse – breaking an arm or a leg, you’ll immediately start looking for the ideal lighting solution. You might be tempted to go for spotlights, but when you’re after a better and bigger beam flood lights are the perfect choice. However, you’ll have to make a distinction between the outdoor LED flood lights and halogen options, as you’ll read further in the article, and decide on the more convenient option.

You’ve probably heard of the popularity of LEDs but what’s really all the fuss about them? Well, as first, the design of LED technology is made for less power usage than the usual incandescent bulbs. When you use LEDs as a light source, you won’t need to get many to be able to get the brightness you require. This can also positively reflect on the amount of electricity bill you pay, so eventually you’ll be more than happy with this cost-effective lighting solution. There’s plenty to choose from the outdoor LED flood lights available for sale, in different sizes. On the plus side as well, you’ll get to save on maintenance as they are very durable and will serve you long, with an average lifetime of 50,000 hours. The illumination that’s provided by them makes for increased security as they won’t let anything be unseen by your surveillance camera. Since they produce powerful brightness, it’s important to point them downwards so they won’t bother your eyes.

Halogen bulbs are an option that’s also better than incandescent and fluorescent types as they create a much brighter and whiter light. They have a longer life and their intensity makes for the perfect lighting solution whenever there’s unavoidable work in your yard that has to be done at night. However, despite the pros, halogen flood lights might turn out to be a rather short-lived investment when compared with the durability of LEDs because they generate far too much heat. You have to remember to be careful when using them so you don’t burn yourself as you clean or replace them.

By Anthony Hendriks

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