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Home Pool Vs The Beach – What’s Safe and Fun for Kids to Splash in the Sun?

There is probably nothing that kids love more than playing in the water on hot summer days. I’ve always had trouble getting mine out of the tub when it’s bath time, now imagine what happens during summer time. They are literally begging me all day long to take them to the beach to play in the sand. And I so would if I didn’t have to drive for 3 hours just to get there. And since I had to play it smart so that they would calm down and stop nagging me, I came up with a solution – I bought them an above ground swimming pool. I’m so relieved! But besides the fact that I no longer have to drive long distances just to make my little ones’ wish come true, I came to certain realizations regarding which one is the better option in my case.


Home Swimming Pool

Safer – When you have small kids at the age of 2-5, an above ground pool is definitely the safest option to introduce them to water and the concept of swimming. With a pool you can control the water level to suit their height so that they can stand freely without their heads being submersed. My absolute favourites are the Bestway swimming pools as they are big and strong enough to fit the entire family and were designed to last. Moreover, they are easy to set up and easy to take down and store for the next year.

Privacy – Instead of going to a busy, noisy beach where there are many people, you can easily create a water amusement area all to yourself and your family in the comfort of your own yard. Or, if your kids are pretty loud themselves, when in your own outdoor space, you won’t have to worry about anyone complaining about the mess and noise they make.

Hygienic – It is you and your kids who will be entirely responsible for the level of cleanliness of the pool. This means there will be no disgusting things floating on the water surface like you’d certainly come across in the ocean. Plus, you can rest assured your kids won’t find some suspicious syringes or other dangerous objects in the sand. Just make sure you regularly change the water and scrub the pool’s bottom and your kids will have the most hygienic place there is for all their fun water games. If you don’t have time to regularly do so, some Bestway swimming pools have a built-in water filter to keep the pool clean at all times.

Adjustable – When on the beach, your kids can’t stay too long in the water because they could easily get sunburns. However, with a home pool, you have to option to cover it up with some sort of awning for shade which will allow them to splash around under the scorching sun. Plus, it’s your backyard and you can do whatever you want with it. For example, you can make it even more interesting by adding some DIY sprinklers. Your kids will love their very own backyard water park!



Fun in the sand – A beach is a vast area of golden sand which offers many opportunities for kids to play. They can build large sand castles and other figures they find interesting and have fun while doing so. There are so many ways to trigger their creativity, like digging elaborate tunnels, making sand sculptures – just leave them free to play in the sand and their minds will certainly come up with some unique design. Moreover, these activities can help develop their motor skills.

Salt Water – Salt water can be very beneficial for a person’s respiratory track. Walking on the sea shore, which is a liquid mine of salt, can help people with breathing problems quite a lot. Moreover, the sea is a natural environment for learning how to swim because it helps you keep afloat with not much effort. But you have to be careful that your kids don’t get too much water in their eyes because the salt can hurt their delicate little eyes.

Waves – Ahh, who doesn’t enjoy a nice wave splash on their body. The feeling is really one of a kind and it’s one that a pool cannot give you. But you have to be extremely careful with small kids – a big wave even close to the shore can topple them over and drag them into the deep waters. Even if they are older and know how to swim, a big wave hitting them could scare them and they could easily lose control over their swimming. That’s why, when on the beach, you most certainly must not leave your kids unattended.

By Jessie Sanner

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