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Window Treatments: Blinds Vs. Shades

The process of designing the home of one’s dreams always goes hand in hand with a bunch of dilemmas. One extremely important defining aspect that has to be addressed from the very beginning is window treatment. Since the most common dilemma on this subject is whether one should opt for blinds or shades, below I’ll go over the general characteristics and differences between them.


Blinds are made from a range of different materials: wood, plastic, metal, faux wood and synthetic fabrics. Shape wise, you can find horizontal, vertical, roman or automated roller blinds and some even come in the shape of a honeycomb. The most popular types of blinds are: vertical blinds, usually available in vinyl or fabric, the classic wood blinds that offer a warm, cozy and inviting feeling and the panel trick blinds that cross between drapery and vertical blinds etc. They are mostly preferred by people who like to have as much control as possible over how much light enters a room. Regarding privacy, they are also a very effective option. Whatever type you opt for, you’ll definitely get a stylish and efficient windows blind treatment for your home that will last for many years to come. Blinds are more expensive than shades, but because of the materials they are made of, a windows blind can last for 20 years or more.Windows Blind1


Unlike blinds, these are an affordable window treatment option, appealing to a much broader customer base. Color wise, they could be as vivid or subdued as one can imagine, however, the rule of thumb is: the softer and paler the hue, the better. Shades don’t have slats that louver and since they are considered the “soft” coverings for windows, they are usually made from fabrics such as: sheer fabric, blackout material or linen patterns. Some shades can be opened from the top, the bottom or from both ends as to control light and privacy. They come in many different styles , the most common being: cellular/honeycomb shades that will keep your temperature serene, the airy, light and elegant sheer shades, the really functional roman shades that give a rich impression of drapery and the roller shades that are simple and easy to use. To make your roller shades appear more authentic, you can use today’s technology to print some cool designs and photos over them and give your windows an aspect of authenticity.

By Jessie Sanner

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