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All-Weather Lip Care: 8 Tips to Maintain a Smooth and Sultry Pout

Women's lipssource: pexels.com

Skin care, hair care, throwing a good outfit together, manicure, pedicure… These rituals are important for every woman, as this is what makes her feel special and put-together. But, how often do you think about delicate lip care? Wouldn’t you agree that every woman desires to have her lips nourished year-round before putting on her favourite lipgloss or lipstick? That being said, attaining healthy and sultry lips isn’t complicated, it simply requires some consistency in exercising gentle care sufficient to keep your pout soft and protected. Remember to:

1. Exfoliate the Dead Skin

Lip exfoliating
source: pexels.com

First things first, just like with the skin on your face, you need to exfoliate your lips. Gentle exfoliating (at least once a week) is important because decaying skin should be removed, revealing a new, silky layer of skin that is an ideal base for lipstick. It is recommended that you exfoliate with a homemade scrub, as this allows you to select the ingredients that comprise the scrub. You will have the ideal exfoliant in no time by combining beneficial unifying components such as honey and coconut oil with a scrubbing agent like sugar.

2. Use SPF Protection All Year Round

You already know what the colder months of the year do to your lips as they become dry and chipped, while the summer can dehydrate or even sunburn them. Both of these are unacceptable for a woman who enjoys self-care; therefore you should make a habit of applying a lip salve with an SPF 15 (or higher during summertime) and moisturise with vitamin E or aloe vera any time before you leave your house. By doing so, you will protect the delicate skin on your lips from the elements and impede its deterioration while maintaining a good look.

3. Keep Your Lips Hydrated with Toxin-Free Lip Balm and Natural Lipstick

Lip balm
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Hydrated lips are nourished lips. That’s why using toxin-free lip balms and quality natural lipsticks are essential for continual hydration and protection of your lips. To nourish your lips, incorporate vitamin E-rich foods into your diet and apply vitamin E-rich lip products. While your lips are already prepared to be admired and receive numerous compliments, to achieve a three-dimensional effect, apply gloss. The glossy sheen on top of your favourite lipstick will accentuate your pout, rendering them sophisticated and seductive.

4. Pay Attention to Quality Ingredients

Not only vitamin E, but other beneficial vitamin-based oils can be beneficial for your lips. Vitamin C is an additional beneficial nutrient to include in foods and products to promote healthy lips. Additionally, citrus fruits and strawberries are rich in vitamin C and are delicious. While focusing on the good stuff, be sure to pay attention to nasty ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. For example, that beautiful lipstick colour doesn’t have to be harsh – you have plenty of 100% mineral-based natural lipsticks to choose from nowadays. Out with the old harsh cosmetics, in with the new natural based alternatives!

5. Remove Make-Up Before Going to Bed

Removing lipstick
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As a general rule, it is of the utmost importance to remove your make-up before bed to provide an opportunity for your face skin pores to unwind and ventilate throughout the night. And it is just as important to remove any residue of make-up on your lips as well. So before you retire for the night, apply ghee (clarified butter) or milk to your lips to promote sleep-related lip health. Additionally, administering lip balm before bedtime can be beneficial.

6. Avoid Licking/Biting Your Lips

Sometimes we pick up bad habits as children or even as adults. However, there isn’t a bad habit that can’t be stopped if we just pay extra attention and motivate ourselves enough to make that change for a better outcome. So, remember, if you suffer from this bad habit know that biting your lips is the most certain method to further dry them out, which increases the risk of cuts and sores; therefore, stop licking and begin moisturising your lips with an SPF-rich lip balm or cream or a healthy oil (such as castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or peppermint oil).

7. Steer Clear of Toxins

Bright smile
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Frequently, excellent health is the source of beauty. Additionally, preserve your lips against abrasive substances, tobacco, contaminated air, and poor oral hygiene which brings additional benefits to your overall health, of course. Maintain a pristine hygiene and your smile will without a doubt always make the best first impression. Having acquired some practical strategies to improve your pucker, feel free to venture out and flash your brightest smile.

8. Learn How to Properly Accentuate Your Lips

When applying lip make-up – work outwards from the centre of your lips at all times. Concentrating on the fullest portion of your lip enables you to maintain application control and prevent errors. Consider attempting to draw an “X” on your cupid’s bow while remaining within the designated line if you are a novice.

It is up to you whether you prefer subdued nude beige or daring crimson red. While there is no definitive guideline for selecting a lipstick shade, there are a few hues that can enhance the overall appearance of your cosmetics by complementing your skin tone. Seductive brows and classic reds would undoubtedly complement your dark skin tone, whereas flamboyant corals and burnt reds may be more suitable for your fair complexion.

By Jessie Sanner

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