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Professional Or At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment – Which Is Better

Do you hide your smile because of the stained and yellowish teeth? There are few tricks you can use to bring that beautiful white smile back again. All you need to do is to use teeth whitening kit, or to go to your local dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment. As you get older, your teeth start to lose the natural white color. This may also be a result of bad eating habits, like drinking too much coffee or tea, smoking cigarettes etc. Luckily, with regular dentist checks and proper teeth whitening treatment you can eliminate the brown and yellow teeth.

It’s true that at-home teeth whitening treatments can help you bring your smile back, but if you want fast and satisfactory results, then you should definitely choose the professional teeth whitening treatment. It is well-known that white and shiny teeth are good for your health, confidence and self esteem. If your stained teeth stop you from showing your smile, then it’s time to do some changes. First, let’s clear the difference between the professional teeth whitening treatment and the treatment you can do at your home.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions – There are many products in your home that can be used as ingredients for teeth whitening treatment. But the end results are not professional and effective. However, this option is good for people who are not fans of dentists and dental practices. All bleaching products are good for younger people who have mild discoloration. If properly used, the DIY whitening products will give you the smile you have dreamed of. But pay attention, some home made teeth whitening treatments might have some side effects like allergies or bad smell. Some whitening products contain glycerin, a compound that dries the tooth enamel.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment – A professional teeth whitening treatment is ideal if you want immediate results. It’s true that it costs more, but the end results are amazing. You will have a the smile you have always dreamed of in just an hour. It is more effective treatment than the bleaching products. That’s because professional dentists use stronger bleach solutions and tools to make your teeth as white as possible. Furthermore, a special laser lamp is used to tighten the peroxide gel on your teeth. The good thing is that the whole treatment is performed and supervised by a professional dentist, as opposed to the DIY bleaching products we use on our own.

By Jessie Sanner

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