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Whey Protein Powder Gold Standard

Whether you have just started to bodybuild or are planning to bring back your body’s top condition, except for hitting the gym, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to equip yourself with a high-quality whey protein. If wondering why the answer is pretty simple – whey protein has extremely high nutritional value and is the ideal source of quality protein that is easily digestible and pretty fast to absorb. What’s more, this type of protein is great for promoting beast muscles, especially when combined with proper exercises like strength training. Those of you who have problems with high blood pressure could benefit a lot from exercising and consuming whey protein as it has been proven that it can lower blood pressure thanks to the lactokinins or also known as bioactive peptides.

Blood fats, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, weight loss and reducing hunger are just some of the many things this type of protein can help you with. The key to achieving all these health benefits while shaping your body is by choosing supreme quality protein and when it comes to this, nothing can beat the whey protein powder gold standard by Optimum Nutrition.


Award-winning, effective and healthy, the whey protein powder gold standard by Optimum Nutrition is a whole package of pure, unadulterated protein, easy to mix and with great flavour. It is equipped with 5.5 grams of BCAAs, lactase for easy digestibility and hydrolyzed whey peptides.

However, just like with everything else, there are fake and cheap copies of gold standard whey and the main thing that you can notice is the variations of the logo (ON). If the whey is original, the logo should be in white colour outlined with black and placed on the left upper corner.

Additionally, each and every Optimum Nutrition products have LOT number which means that it is an original product of ON. Usually, this number can be found on the jar’s neck. If there is no LOT number, you are probably holding a fake gold standard whey.

Source: evergreen.ie

Grammatical errors are not allowed in the original ON products label as well as no other product-related errors. Another important pointer of the original ON products is that they are made in the USA, which means that no other manufacturer country of origin is acceptable.

The bottom of the bottle should have a mould mark that is gained through plastic thermoforming. Another thing to take into account is that at the bottom of original gold standard whey you will find blue ink jet printing listing a manufacture date, expiration date as well as a batch code. A rule of thumb is that powdered products have a 2-year shelf life which means that the dates should be 2 years apart.

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