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Wohler Drain Cameras Comparison Guide

Wohler Drain Cameras

A drain camera is a small camera attached to a flexible rod. It fits down almost any drain and can travel the curves and bends of the line. A plumber can see what’s in the drain line by observing on a mobile device or screen. Digital imaging is used for a variety of purposes these days, from military strategy to medical applications to plumbing and more. Thanks to advanced digital technology, plumbers can use small, full colour, waterproof cameras to inspect drain lines.

Wohler drain cameras are some of the most popular ones and for a good reason. Wohler is a technically oriented, family-owned company operating on an international basis. They develop, produce and market innovative measuring, inspection and cleaning equipment for building services.

Wohler drain cameras

Why Choose Wohler Pipe Inspection Camera Systems

Wohler has perfected the technique of precisely locating damage, so you can be able to assess and target repair work specifically. Wohler inspection cameras are suitable for many different applications, most often as pipe inspection cameras. You can choose from a wide range of Wohler drain cameras and select what’s most suitable for your needs.

A colour LCD and excellent image quality guarantee easy viewing even in hard-to-reach areas. The cameras are easy to use thanks to the high-quality pan and tilt camera head with LED lights and a semi-rigid push rod. Wohler digital inspection cameras are available in numerous configurations, so you can choose a drain camera that’s ideal for your specific needs.

Wohler Drain Camera

Picking the Right Wohler Drain Camera

Drain camera models come in many varieties, including pipe inspection camera with viewing capabilities only, drain camera, rigid sewer camera, colour sewer camera, sewer camera with locator, VIS 350 camera, Wohler VIS 350 camera with detachable heads, Wohler borescope and many more. The more advanced system like Wohler VIS 350 visual inspection camera is great for a higher range of pipe camera capabilities.

All sewer cameras have illumination options that you will need for observing dark areas, like enclosed sewer pipes, for instance. Consider the amount of illumination and how long the battery will last. Also, make sure to consider the diameter of the rod on the pipe inspection camera. If you are going to be inserting the rod through a small opening, you need to ensure that the push camera rod will be small enough to fit through. The pipe inspection camera should have enough rigidity with the push rod and be flexible to navigate pipe bends, too.

Using a small, portable and bend-negotiating inspection camera, like VIS 250 camera or VIS 350 camera is very easy for most drain camera inspections. The Wohler VIS 350 visual inspection camera is one of the most popular drain cameras on the market these days thanks to its compact size and complete portability.

You can choose Wohler VIS 350 pan and tilt push rod pipe inspection camera system, VIS 350 push camera with rod inspection in a case and more, depending on your customers’ requirements. Wohler VIS 350 is suitable for a range of visual inspection applications and capable of travelling up to 30m, it’s suitable for most sewer camera inspections. With the carry strap around your neck and the monitor in front of your chest, one hand guides the push rod and the other one precisely controls the camera head, so you can do your job easily and efficiently.

Benefits of Drain Cameras

Benefits of Drain Cameras

A blocked drain or pipe can strike unexpectedly. That’s why regular drain cleaning is important to keep plumbing systems in good working order and to prevent more severe damage caused by drain line leaks. If you want to do it right, you need a drain camera to see exactly what’s in the lines.

A drain camera inspection speeds up the process of identifying the cause of a blocked drain. It’s a practical use of technology and takes the latest advancements in imaging and uses them to keep homes and workplaces safe and comfortable.

With a drain or a sewer line camera, you can spot specific types of drain issues. You will always know how far down is the clog and you can use the valuable information from your drain camera to conduct a thorough drain cleaning.

A drain camera is beneficial for plumbers as it can help them see a blockage or backup inside the pipe. Paper, grease and other items can block the line, and a drain camera can help you spot them easily. Also, it’s great for spotting tree roots, which are common culprits for many plumbing issues.

A drain camera

Some issues are more subtle, though, and it may take careful camera investigation to notice the cause of major problems. You may not have any drain line leaks at the moment, but many different objects can cause pipes to break, crack and collapse. Material corrosion or other minor issues can lead to breaks and leaks down the road.

Also, cracks or breaks in pipework can occur from incorrect installation, earth compacting or ground movements. A cracked or broken pipe can cause a blockage by obstructing the pipe and prevent water from flowing through it.

The information from your camera can help you determine exactly where the fix needs to occur and inform the homeowner, so you can proceed accordingly. Homeowners can opt for a drain camera investigation when buying a new house and need a plumber to assess the plumbing of their new home.

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