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Tutus or Leotards: The Appropriate Dress Code for Your Child’s First Ballet Class

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Many mums associate ballet with pleasing to the eye attires, gracious movements, beautiful ballerinas, and hair buns. But ballet is so much more than that.

Enrolling your child in a ballet class means that they will learn new words through mental exercises. Since ballet is an exercise in disguise, the ballet class is a place for promoting healthy flexibility, strength building, discipline and self-control. This will result in self-confident preschoolers who always raise a hand during vocabulary lessons, all-star middle school athletes who outperform their peers in terms of strength and flexibility, or, joyful adolescents laughing loud with their closest friends in the school cafeteria. Dance parents are pleasantly surprised to learn how ballet classes for preschoolers can provide a good foundation for the rest of their lives.

When it comes to your child’s first ballet class, one of the most important things before entering the studio is having a proper dress code.

Why Is Dress Code Important in Ballet?

Ballet dancers need to focus on learning and performing their best, no matter if they are beginners or have been dancing for several years. Wearing clothes outside the ballet dress code can be distracting. Ballet girls dance dresses help dancers move properly while focusing on the steps rather than their clothes. Some studios have more strict rules than others and require their dancers to wear dresses in a certain colour. Having similar clothing as the rest of the class puts all the dancers in the room on the same page which helps make them feel like a part of a team and helps them focus more. Ballet dress code is important for the cohesiveness of the group.

little ballerinas posing in leotards

Our Ballet Dress Code Recommendations

Tutu Dress for Gracious Movements

One of the most iconic things about ballet is the tutu dress. It’s an epitome of grace that transforms ballerinas into sleeping beauties and swans. The modern tutu is a dress costume with an attached bodice. Besides looking dreamy, its primary purpose is to show the entire length of a dancer’s legs while maintaining the grace and glitz of a full skirt. This dance dress comes in different fabrics such as tarlatan, muslin, silk, tulle, gauze, or nylon. The frills on the tutu dress for professional dancing are usually made of multiple layers of tulle to retain the rigidity throughout the ballet dancers’ movement.

girls seating around teacher wearing tutu dresses
Source: dancesocksbcn.com

The character of the ballet dancer can be introduced through several types of tutus. The romantic tutu is a long, flowing tulle skirt with five or six layers that typically reach mid-calf. The Bell tutu is made up of multiple layers of netting that all come down to the same length. Because the netting layers are not held by a hoop, they fall in a bell form. It’s one of two varieties of traditional tutus.

The other style of the classical tutu is the pancake tutu. This sort of tutu is short, with numerous layers of tulle and net with a metal hoop implanted in the layers, and it comes straight out of the hips. The platter tutu has a flat top and is similar to the pancake tutu in that it extends out straight from the dancer’s waist. Instead of being pleated, the top layer of the plate tutu is flat and ornamented. Last but not least is the powder puff tutu. It’s a short tutu whose layers are of the same length. Because of its prize and delicate structure, professionally made tutus are not recommended for rehearsals and exercising.

If your girl has just enrolled in ballet class, consider buying quality girls dance dresses to help her perform her best. These dance dresses imitate the style of a tutu dress with a bodice made of cotton and one layer of tulle. This way, your child will feel comfortable while looking like a real ballerina.

Leotards for Maximum Comfort

To do ballet right, you will need leotards, even if your studio doesn’t have a strict dress code policy. A leotard has more to it than meets the eye. The difference between dance leotards and gymnastic ones is that the dance leotards are created with movement in mind. You can concentrate on your dance instead of getting distracted by your attire. Similarly, it allows your teacher to see your motions more clearly and correct you if you’re doing something incorrectly. Dance leotards with thick stripes are suitable for children who are just beginning their ballet lessons. They may move about freely without having to worry about the straps moving around.

little ballerina wearing leotard
Source: leotardboutique.com

Leotards with shorts are another option to consider for your little ballet beginner. Since comfort is another name for leotards, they came in various materials and you’re the one to decide which one you prefer for your kid. Lycra is the most common material. Leotards for little girls are usually composed of lycra because it’s generally comfy, easy to wear, and useful when sweating. Although cotton is the most comfortable cloth to wear, it also absorbs moisture. However, if you still prefer it stay away from sleeveless leotards. When it comes to exercising ballet and sweating, microfiber is the cleverest option. Never opt for a microfiber long sleeve leotard and choose materials that contain elastane.

Good Quality Pointe Shoes to Avoid Injuries

Learning how to dance ballet requires having a proper pair of pointe shoes. Your ballet shoes should fit perfectly just like a good pair of socks. If it is excessively tight or small it will harm the toes and squeeze them into the shoes. Ingrown toenails and bone distortion are common, and they can also cause muscle injury, chronic pain, and bad posture. Ballet slippers that are too big cause blisters on the back of the foot because they rub throughout the class. Blisters can hinder the dancer’s movements and negatively affect their performance.

Most dance schools adhere to the same set of guidelines. For toddlers and young dancers, many of them demand leather pairs with a bar-tacked elastic drawstring. However, before visiting the store you should consult the dancing instructor about the material, design, and colour of the pointe they require because some ballet schools prefer particular brands for different reasons.

A Dance Belt for Your Little Man

Dance belts are the number one priority to keep in mind when buying clothes for your little man’s first ballet class. Male genitals must be protected from harm while dancing. Dance belts’ main purpose is to protect the testicles keeping them in place even when worn for lengthy periods during courses, rehearsals, and performances.

Under the tights, a dance belt should be as nearly undetectable as feasible. The masculine bulge should be flattened, compacted, and centred, even though it is unavoidable. Nothing should move inside the dance belt once it’s on and adjusted, no matter how much stretching, leaping, or contortion the dancer does. When choosing the perfect dance belt for your little male ballet dancer you should know that Dance belts are sized according to the size of the wearer’s waist.

Convertible Ballet Tights for Feet Transition

Convertible ballet tights have become the standard in ballet due to the ease with which they can be changed from footed to footless. This can be used to rapidly change into another pair of shoes or adjust to pointe shoe pads. Another advantage of convertible tights is that the hole allows for enhanced foot ventilation and breathability. As a result, there are less sweat, odour, and microorganisms. Your child’s comfort always comes first so always choose only the high-quality ones.

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