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Where Comfort Meets Luxury: Comparing Different Kinds of Bathrobes


What do you get if you mix the excellent absorbency of a towel and the comfort of a dressing gown? You guessed it: it’s a bathrobe, the most underrated piece of garment. A simple loose-fitting piece that both men and women wear at home, a bathrobe can serve many purposes. It’s an ultimate blend of comfort and luxury that can make you feel more relaxed. If you’re one of the many people who use either towels or robes, learning how a bathrobe can replace them can be a revelation. If you wonder how and why, these are a few of the reasons.

The Many Reasons and Ways of Using a Bathrobe

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The main purpose of a bathrobe is to dry yourself off after a shower or a bath. You may ask why not use a towel for that. In what ways is a bath robe better than a towel? The main reason is that you get full coverage that no towel can provide you with.

When you use a towel, you usually rub your wet skin and then wrap yourself in the towel. But your shoulders and a significant part of your legs are exposed, which makes the transition from the bath harder. And, you might even get cold if there’s a great difference in temperatures. Putting on a soft bathrobe against your skin can be very beneficial for keeping you nice and warm after your bath or shower. It’s also very beneficial to the skin as you don’t have to wipe it: you can put it on and then wait for your skin to dry naturally. Bathrobes are also made from thicker materials than towels, which makes them more absorbent.

Another great for a bathrobe is at the beach. Not only you can use it for wicking the moisture up, but you can also use it as protection from the wind and the sun. It’s a great option for kids too, as we know how ‘fond’ they’re of towels. When you think of bathrobes, maybe the first thing that comes to your mind is spas and pools. And you’re right, bath robes are the ultimate lounge garments for the spa or around the pool. They’re a great way of covering yourself fashionably.

Many bathrobes are designed in a way that you can wear them over clothes. As they double as robes, use them for an extra layer of warmth or to cover yourself up when you’re underdressed. This can be very useful when having uninvited visitors or when you have guests overnight. What once was seen as inappropriate today is not unusual. It’s not uncommon to have people see you in a bathrobe, whether you’re going outside to pick up the mail or entertain your guests at home.

Comparing the Different Types of Bathrobes

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In terms of fabric, there are three main types of bath robes: terry cotton, bamboo and cotton.

Terry Cotton Bathrobes

These bathrobes have a classic design that will never go out of style. Terry cotton is the most absorbent material of all. It’s plush and lush that can provide you with the real soft spot to level up your after-bath or after-shower experience. They’re great for the beach, the spa or the pool. Many terry bathrobes feature a hoodie that can provide your head with extra warmth: much needed for colder months inside or for windy summer beach days. If you like having pockets to store some snacks or other goodies, the good news is that most of the terry cotton bathrobes come with pockets. If you use these bathrobes for sleeping at night, you will never have to get up for midnight snacks again. Bad news if you’re trying to lose some weight, though.

Bamboo Bathrobes

If you’re into manicures or an after-work martini session with your girls at home, the bamboo bathrobe may be just for you. Bamboo is a fabric that comes with many benefits for both the health and comfort of those using it. It’s light and breathable and offers the softest touch to the skin. Its moisture-wicking abilities prevent dampness and allow freshness. This makes bamboo the perfect choice for those suffering from allergies and skin sensitivities, as it’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Having a luxurious bathrobe made of bamboo against your skin is a must for the warmer months. You can wear it with no clothes under it or pair it with bamboo pyjamas or bamboo bedding. If you’re into sports or boxing, to be more specific, know that the bamboo bathrobes often double as boxing robes that you can put on before/after a match or training session.

Cotton Bathrobes

A cotton bathrobe often doubles as a robe because of the intricate designs and various styles. Luxury bathrobes made of cotton are perfect for those days when all you need is a lazy hang. They’re the cutest and the easiest sleep-over companion, as they’re often part of sleepwear that prioritises comfort. If you’re an eco-conscious person, cotton, especially organic cotton, is the best fabric choice for you, as it’s one of the most sustainable materials. If you’re looking for a bathrobe to cosy up on the couch in the evenings or wrap up first thing in the morning, the cotton bathrobe is right for you.

How to Choose the Best Bathrobe for You

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The first step in buying the best bathrobe for you is to determine what you need it for. If you’re going to use it instead of a towel, then go for more absorbent materials. Cotton ones might be right for you if you want a stylish bathrobe to lounge in. If you’re searching for a sleepwear alternative, then lux up with bamboo. Another thing to consider is your style. The only way to ensure wearing your bathrobe regularly is to buy one that you’ll like and like how it feels on you. And once you buy it, make sure you take proper care of it so it can serve you as long as possible.

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