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The Difference Between Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss

male hair loss

There are a lot of differences between female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss that you might not know. Both men and women lose hair differently, so the same treatments don’t necessarily apply. Hair loss can be difficult for both sexes and can really bring your self esteem down. Luckuly, more advanced solutions are being invented every day. To understand how to treat a problem, you must first know what causes it so below we will go over the differences between male pattern and female pattern hair loss and the treatments available to you.

Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss seems to follow the same pattern and is first noticed with a receding hairline and thinning of the hair at the crown area. If left untreated the hair loss will progressively get worse and worse, the hair follicles themselves will become shriveled and eventually die. This is where bald spots start to become noticeable. For some reason the sides and back of a male’s head seem to be less affected by male pattern baldness and hair doesn’t usually fall out here.

Female pattern baldness usually starts with thinning across the centre part of the hair in the middle of the scalp. Unlike males, the hairline is usually left intact, that is of course unless a woman is suffering from alopecia. If the hair loss goes untreated the hair loss can spread to certain areas such as the side of the scalp, the temples and right above the ears. While most men and women usually follow both these patterns the reverse has been shown with men suffering the women’s pattern and vice versa. While hair loss is difficult for both sexes, women seem to suffer more mentally with their femininity being tied to their hair a lot of times in society.

There are many drugs and alternative treatments available. Some of the most common and safe drugs used to treat hair loss are Minoxidil (which is used for both men and women) and Propecia which is only used on men. There are, of course, alternatives out there for those of you who do not want to take drugs. You can easily find hair extensions specially designed for hair loss. If you have a thinning crown or top you can easily find pieces that just cover that area. There are also special fiber powders that you just sprinkle onto the scalp and they stick there until they are washed off.

If you are suffering from hair loss , you do not have to go through it alone. There are many treatments and options available to you. You can easily go to general GP and see what they will recommend as far as medicinal options. If you find this too embarrassing or if you are looking for a natural way to solve this problem then you can easily search online to find fiber powders or hair extensions designed to cover your hair loss problems. Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of and there are solutions available to you, stop suffering and find a solution today.

By Jessie Sanner

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