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Getting the Right Mattress: Memory Foam Vs. Spring Mattress


Nov 10, 2016 #bed, #mattress

Our bodies are like a factory that preforms a number of vital functions, so when we go to sleep, they begin the night shift. What they are actually doing is: healing damaged cells, boosting the immune system, recovering from the day’s activities and recharging the heart and cardiovascular system for the next day. Basically, really important stuff. And not to mention that a poor night’s sleep can make you fat, depressed and it may also affect your social interactions. So getting a quality night sleep is crucial for our entire existence and it doesn’t only mean going to bed earlier. In order to have a real, healthy sleep mattresses are very important. There are many reasons why a good mattress is the essential kit for a safe and comfortable journey into dreamland, but waking up happy and without a back pain seems the most attractive to me.

So before thinking that you’ve made your peace with your old mattress and you’re just accepting it as it is, think again. Buying a new mattress can change your everyday life forever and it will definitely improve your health and your mood. The market offers a great variety of mattresses these days, but it seems that the most popular are the memory foam mattress and the spring mattress. But, which one is better for you?

If you want to buy memory foam mattress, you’ll want to know the benefits of it, because I’m sure you all know (and you all probably have at least one at home) what a spring mattress is. When memory foam mattresses began to gain popularity, they had a tendency of retaining the heat and that was causing the sleepers to get hot. However with the invention of gel memory foam this is no longer a problem. The new memory foam mattresses provide a much higher level of comfort than the spring mattresses. They distribute the body weight evenly for a perfect balance, so every mattress is adapting to the sleeper’s body and not the other way around, like in spring mattresses for example. So if you’re seriously struggling with neck and back pain you should definitely buy memory foam mattress. By far these are the best mattresses when it comes to comfort and waking up with no pain.

memory foam mattress

It’s also good to have in mind that the quality of the material in memory foam mattresses is way superior than the one in spring mattresses. That’s why they cost much more, but you’re definitely going to get the right quality for all that money if you find the right mattress store. You can easily find memory foam mattresses that are made out of organic materials, so you won’t be just doing yourself a favour, but you’ll do a big favour to the environment as well. Because of the quality materials, these mattresses have a long year warranty, some even from 15 to 20 years. On the other hand, spring mattresses offer a maximum of 10 year warranty due to the materials used which in many cases will start to sag after just a few years after the purchase.

As the time passes, you’ll notice that you feel more productive at work or school and your memory will most definitely improve, since during sleep our brain processes our memories from the day and if we don’t get the right amount and quality of sleep, those memories might not get stored correctly. So the next time you’re having problems remembering things, blame it on your old mattress and don’t forget to buy a new one.

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