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Wedding Table Décor

One of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding preparation is planning the décor for the reception. You can showcase your theme, colour scheme, and inventiveness through the wedding table decorations, carefully choosing the wedding centrepieces, table runners, and napkin selections. Look for ideas to inspire you and be in line with your leading theme. Whether you want to add a unique touch to your wedding with amusing table names, make a dramatic statement with a large centrepiece, or build your own wedding favours, it’s all up to you.

Put as much work into setting up your guests’ tables as you would the rest of your décor because they will spend a lot of time there during the reception. To add height, light, smell, and intrigue to the table (but not so high that it prevents people from conversing across the table), consider using complementary and accent colours in your palette with a few elements. Here are some of my favourite suggestions for wedding table design!

1. Multi-Level Candles

Picture this: a round, glass-topped wedding table with gold beaded edges, white flowers and foliage in the centre, and candles of various heights surrounding it. Sounds like it came straight out of the pages of magazines, right? For a warm, contemporary appearance that goes well with metallics and lots of greenery, stack candles in vases and votives at various levels. Check with your venue to see if open flames are permitted, and if not, use LED candles. A modern, elegant display will be enhanced with candle holders that are drippy with gold.

2. Mirror Wedding Centrepiece

Why are centrepiece mirrors a fantastic choice for any wedding table? They are fully flat, so no obstructions will prevent the people seated at the tables from seeing each other. This encourages conversation and eye contact when guests can see one another. All of these contribute to the reception being more enjoyable and fun.

mirror wedding centrepiece on top with floating candles
Source: alibaba.com

Moreover, there are versatile options of mirror wedding centrepieces that work great as bases and frames for table décor like tea lights, flower petals, or unscented candles. Anything you add on them will be reflected, so make sure you choose something eye-catching and ornate to show off the beauty in a double dose. Mirrors provide a sense of elegance through subdued reflection, giving your tables a sophisticated yet understated design.

3. Miniature Crates Décor

Instead of flower vases use wooden crates filled with wildflowers to give your tables a rustic air. This style is perfect for barn, tipi, and country weddings. Even custom-made wooden boxes that are the ideal size for centrepieces are available. Additionally, for colourful accents around a banquet-style table setting, scatter colourful taper candles and glasses among bud vases or antique milk bottles filled with sprigs of leaves and wildflowers.

4. Season-Inspired Touches

Use the colours reflected in the surrounding environment in your wedding table decorations to celebrate the current season. Thanks to the vibrant oranges, reds, and browns that light up the natural landscape, autumn has long been a favourite season for Instagrammers and Pinterest enthusiasts. However, no biggie if yours isn’t an autumn wedding – winter, spring and summer have their charms too, which you can further enhance by adding table décor on mirror wedding centrepieces to showcase the seasonal colours.

5. Tall Flower and Elevated Arrangements

Who doesn’t adore towering floral centrepieces with room underneath for visitors to continue their conversations? Elevated arrangements add a touch of elegance and class to any wedding table decoration.

6. Woven Wrapped Potted Herbs

Herbs are excellent low-key and inexpensive centrepieces. If you choose a herb like lavender, for example, they’ll give a lovely aroma to your table as well as colour. You may also go for herbs that are appropriate for the season: mint and basil are great for the spring and summer, and stronger herbs like rosemary and thyme are appropriate for the fall and winter.

woven wrapped potted herbs as wedding centerpiece
Source: hitched.co.uk

7. Blossom Trees and Fruits

Wedding table centrepieces that are both beautiful and striking feature blossom plants. I adore the tiny tea light-filled ornaments dangling from above. For a similar effect, you can also purchase these hanging tea light holders. Use fruit to give your floral arrangements a completely new depth. While summer displays appear spectacular with vivid citrus fruits like lemons and delicious green apples, autumn particularly suits red apples, pears, and pomegranates.

8. Hanging Hoops and Macramé Touches

Is there anything hipper and more free-spirited for boho brides than a macramé table runner? It’s also a good idea to add something to the front of a classic long-top table that faces your guests. Additionally, to tie in with your wedding’s theme, it will make for a stunning snapshot when your photographer captures you giving your speeches! Talk to your florist about finding hanging hoops to add greenery to or purchase some embellished models with fake flowers.

9. Bright Colour Textured Table Runners

A basic table is a wonderful opportunity to add texture with table runners. for example, a vibrant red table runner brings colour to the white tablecloth and serves as a lovely background for the antique gold votives, which you can find as an inspiration on sites like Etsy or Pinterest in matching sets.

bright blue colour textured wedding table runner
Source: nuagedesigns.com

10. Greenery Garlands Table Runners

Imagine an outdoor wedding dinner table with a green plant garland draped across it. Not every table runner must be made of fabric. For DIY floral arrangements and wedding décor, you may also choose from a variety of realistic-looking faux foliage garlands. Use these imitation greenery garlands to finish any other DIY project you have in mind, add colour to a wedding arch and liven up a table setting.

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