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Massage chair vs regular massage

People who work in offices and are tied to their chair all day, often feel serious consequences of back pain and sore muscles. For new ambitious employees it is always a challenge to prove they are worth among their colleges and in doing so they tend to forget about how exhaustion can affect their health. That is why doctors always recommend for people who work at computers to find a way to relax or exercise. Some experts even claim that going to the gym after work can have same effect as sleeping for one hour to regain your strength. But among many relaxation techniques, one method has been around since ancient time to help people relax in just few minutes – a massage.

In this dynamic environment where everything is done very fast, busy family people have two ways to get a massage: either go to a spa center or get a massage chair for home massages. The public opinion is that a skilled masseur can do a far better job than a chair that has a vibrating mechanism in it. But people would be amazed to find out what kind of massage chairs for sale are being offered by retailers these days and to what point this technology has expanded. So what are advantages and disadvantages of these two ways of getting a massage?

One major advantage that regular massage sessions have over massage chairs is the experience of the masseur. Of course, there are many types of massage techniques and each has its own benefits. But in the end it all comes down to how skilled and trained your masseur is. Moreover, your view on massages and spa centers will largely depend on how good of a job your masseur does.

On the other hand, massage chairs have been improved over the years, as some chairs today have an option to focus vibrations on certain points of your body that are prone to injury. However, how good is your chair will depend on how much you are willing to pay for a massage chair. Prices vary from extremely low to ridiculously high, depending on the brand, material and size.

One advantage massage chairs have over regular massage is that they save time and are very practical. Buying a special massage chair is sort of a long term investment. You don’t have to drive miles to get to a spa center and you don’t need to pay monthly fees.

By Anthony Hendriks

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