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Wireless Or Ethernet Cable – Which Is Better?

Computer networks for small businesses and homes can be build using either wireless or wired technology. Wired Ethernet network cabling has been the preferred choice for home networks for so long, but the wireless technology is quickly gaining popularity. All over the world, when it comes to internet connections, everyone seems to be going wireless. Internet users search for ways to eliminate wires and still be able to connect to the Web. Both, wireless and wired solutions offer numerous benefits for home and other local networks. However, even though wireless networks are convenient, they do come with certain disadvantages when compared to the network connections that use Ethernet network cabling.

Cost – While majority of new computers, laptops and tablets include wireless network adapters, older models do not. So, if you want to adapt you older computer to the wireless technology, you must buy a wireless adapter which is not cheap unlike the Ethernet cable. You can even buy the Ethernet cable in a bulk and use a crimping tool to cut to the length you need. For about the same price of one wireless adapter you can buy a 300 meters of Ethernet cable with which you can wire all your computers and still have cable to spare.

Less Downtime – If you use your wireless connection close to the router, then there probably wouldn’t be any problem, but, if you use the wireless connection in other rooms away from the router, then you may experience dropped connectivity problems. This is another reason to rely on network connection that uses Ethernet cable. Network cabling connections are reliable and you will not have any dropped signals, unless someone cuts the Ethernet cable. Also, with network cabling you will have less downtime.

Security – If the lower cost, improved reliability and the faster speed are not good enough reasons for you to consider network cabling connection, security will probably change your mind. With wireless network connection you need to use passwords to secure you data and the connections between the router and other computers. However, for the experienced hacker this is not an issue and your wireless connection can be breached within minutes. With network cabling, if the hacker tries to hack your cabling network connection, he would need a cable access to your router or access thought your Internet service provider network. Therefore, network cabling offers greater security.

By Anthony Hendriks

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