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Comparing the Different Types of Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor Heaters

Nothing beats enjoying a starry night on the patio, sipping drinks with your loved ones or just reading a book by yourself in peace and quiet. If only there was something to beat the unpleasant cold and make you feel as cozy as you are indoors. Actually, there is – a great invention called ‘outdoor heaters’. These convenient solutions help you make the most out of your outdoor area and can help you make it a pleasant extension of your home. Outdoor heaters have greatly evolved over the years few and today they can be found in three different types.


This type of heater is an excellent option for homeowners who want to warm up a wider area. Despite its size, it’s actually very compact and it can also fit in small spaces. To make sure you get the most out of this type of outdoor heaters you’ll need to measure the height of your space in order for the heater to fit in. It can use propane, electricity and natural gas but propane is the most common option as you can easily fill up a tank from the nearest petrol station without having to worry about power outages. They can also use natural gas but it isn’t as common simply because not everyone has access to it – this is an eco-friendly solution.


Wall mounted heaters are ideal if you want to make your small space more cozy in the evening. If you go with this type of heater, remember to get the correct brackets and the corresponding set of mounting hardware. You may not be able to cover a lot of space with a wall mounted heater but it is a convenient solution that can be only powered by electricity. Consequently, this makes it the most efficient type of outdoor heater as it doesn’t use a lot of electricity while covering a small area really well. Wall-mounted heaters don’t use propane or natural gas.


If you want to stay warm in style, tabletop heaters are your best bet. They typically come in the form of table lamps, which means they are most suitable for intimate settings. There are different designs of tabletop heaters and they are all very portable with some of them being like a mini version of a free-standing heater. They are usually electric powered but there are some tabletop heaters that use propane. These are not the most ideal choice as they are usually bigger in order to store the tank.

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