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Yamaha Or Honda – Which Inverter Generator Is Better?


Dec 10, 2014 #generators, #machines
inverter generator

The inverter generator is a machine that is most commonly used for powering different kinds of electronic devices and appliances in case of a power outage. Although there are many generators on the market, the inverter generator is a first choice for many companies and homes for getting high quality power suitable for powering even the most sensitive electronic devices. When it comes to inverter generators, you got two options: Yamaha and Honda. These brands are among the most reliable manufactures for durable and high-quality inverter generators.

The main reason why the inverter generators from Honda and Yamaha are the most popular choices on the market, is the fact that both brands offer high-quality, lightweight and efficient inverter generators that are worth for the money spent.

Although both brands have many similarities and offer the same features, there are some differences between them. The main differences between the Honda and Yamaha inverter generators can be seen in terms of: maintenance, fuel efficiency, noise reduction and weight.

  • Maintenance is one of the main factors that needs to be considered when choosing an inverter generator. When comparing the Honda and Yamaha generators for maintenance requirements, the plus goes to the Yamaha inverter generator. Compared to the inverter generator from Honda, Yamaha is a brand that produces generators that require little maintenance. In fact, the Honda generators need to be cleaned thoroughly after 300 operating hours, while for the same time spent in operation, the Yamaha inverter generator will only require checking and cleaning the head.
  • Weight is another important factor that need to be considered when comparing inverter generators. This is because the weight can directly affect the flexibility and the efficiency of the inverter generator. Yamaha is a manufacturer that offers lightweight inverter generator models. In general, the Yamaha generators are usually one kilogram lighter than the Honda generators.
  • Fuel efficiency – What most companies need for powering multiple devices is a fuel efficient machine. This means that they opt for an inverter generator that will work longer with less fuel. When comparing Yamaha and Honda for fuel efficiency, it is stated that for the same amount of fuel (4 liters), the Yamaha inverter generator can run up to one hour longer.
  • Quiet operation – Both manufacturers have made great progress in recent years when it comes to lowering the noise of their generators. However, Yamaha is more reliable brand when it comes to quiet operation. A typical Yamaha inverter generator comes with an advanced Noise Block system for effective noise reduction.

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