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Wooden Vs. Upholstered – Which Type of Headboard Is Better for Your Bedroom?

Wood vs Upholstered Beds

Although it may not seem to be a very important part of bedroom furniture, placing a bed without a headboard against a wall will always look like something is missing in the room. The headboard makes the bed complete while adding depth and style to it without taking too much of your valuable space. Also, apart from having an aesthetic value, headboards can provide great back support when you want to sit and relax.


Headboards come in two types, those that can be attached to the bed frame and those that can be mounted right on the wall. The first type is generally very secure and helps hold the sheets and pillows in place. The second type is considered more as a decorative due to its elegance and floating look. When it comes to the material of this part of bed furniture, you have a lot of options but the two most popular ones are wooden and upholstered headboards. If you are not sure which one will work best for you, here are some of the features of both types so you can make a more informed decision.

Upholstered headboard

Because of the added padding of upholstery, this type of headboard is the most comfortable option available. It will provide you with soft back support while sitting and it is more comfortable for your head when you are laying down to sleep. Apart from this, it adds a more elegant and luxurious touch to the room. Upholstered headboards come in a range of material choices, colours, prints, patterns, and designs which means there is a headboard style for any bedroom decor. Also, headboards come in different forms and shapes like arched, oversized, rounded, square, rectangular or roll top. Oversized is quite popular today, and as its name implies, it is wider and taller than the mattress itself which gives the room a more dramatic effect. Moreover, upholstered headboards come in different types including freestanding, fixed or wall-mounted, straight, wood-framed and tufted.


Wooden headboard

Wood is the oldest material used for bed furniture production, which makes this headboard a classic choice. Depending on the shape and the type of wood you choose, a wooden headboard can come in almost any style, from country to rustic, from modern to traditional. Also, this piece can be part of almost any bed type, including simple platform beds, elegant canopy beds, creative bunk beds, etc. No matter whether you prefer a natural wood finish or you are more attracted to painted headboards, it is important to choose the one that will match your interior decor. Wood is a flexible material that can easily be cut or carved, which means you can have your headboard in the style, design, and shape you want without a problem.

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