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Window Treatment as Part of the Interior Décor: Curtains or Bare Windows

The world of trends is constantly changing, and that of home styles and choices of decorations is certainly not an exception. Studios, houses, tiny houses, container houses, mansions, no matter where people live, they have their own styles and preferences when it comes to interior décor. It’s not rare that, often during the decorating, most overlook the importance windows play in the whole process. As the parts that allow for light to get in, we might as well say they are the soul of the home, so pondering on how they can add to your interior style is more than worthy of your time. If you wonder how you can take it up a notch, the simple decision between curtains or bare windows would do.

Curtains have long been used as a window treatment, even dating back to antiquity (though not in the designs of now, of course). They are primarily used to give us more control of the amount of light we let in our homes, protecting our furniture and flooring from overexposing sun rays resulting in fading, as well as allowing us to keep our privacy away from prying eyes. Now more than ever, shopping is made easy thanks to the possibility to buy curtains online Australia round. They can be found in many patterns, designs and fabrics, including blockout if you want to completely block the sun, and since curtains easily attract dust, latest products have hypoallergenic, dust and mite resistant properties so they require low maintenance.

Knowing they have different designs means you can bring about change to your interior just by adding their charm, including use them as room dividers to create a more layered environment. They won’t give you trouble with the installation which adds to their cost-effectiveness as you can undertake this yourself. When you buy curtains online Australia shops offer, make sure you use the possibility that some provide and order free samples so you’d see whether they are the perfect fit for your home first-hand.

Despite all these benefits, modern homes tend to shift towards minimalism and that includes no use of window treatments. Providing clean, unobstructed view, creating an inviting homely atmosphere and no cluttered look, bare windows are perfect if you like letting more light in and not having a piece of fabric dictate the style of your rooms. However, not having curtains to serve as insulation can result in trouble with the heating and cooling of your home which will be visible in the overall energy costs. Not to even mention the damages furniture and flooring would undergo, as well as getting sun glare and be exposed to the harmful UV rays.



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