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Ways to Improve your Motorcycle Experience


It’s undeniable that motorbikes are thrilling and exciting, as well as fuel-efficient means of transport, which are some of the many reasons behind their long-enduring popularity. They’ve been around for a very long time and they’ve always been considered as the cool vehicle, but also the risky one. That’s one of the major reasons why motorcycle safety is considered such a big deal. Installing crash bars and frame sliders is basically a must nowadays, as they greatly improve your overall safety and experience. However, there are plenty of other ways to improve your motorbike experience, and not all of them are obvious.

motorbike controls
Source: motorcyclenews.com

Adjust Your Controls

Being able to have full confidence in your motorcycle steering system is a huge deal. It directly impacts not just your overall safety, but the feel of how a motorcycle rides. Properly controlling a vehicle is an important aspect for all vehicles, but doubly so for motorbikes. To have good control over your steering means having great motorbike controls, which is impacted by things like handlebars, wheels, brakes, and speedometers. Motorbikes turn corners differently than cars, so having reliable handles will ensure that the whole process is ergonomic and also safe. Brakes are self-explanatory, because you should be able to brake when you want, how much you want. Wheels and wheel bearings are an incredibly demanding aspect of motorbikes, and they definitely should be checked at all times. Investing in proper motorbike controls is without a doubt a must, and it should be the priority of any rider.

Adjust Throttle Cable

Throttle cables play a vital role in your overall motorbike experience because they’re responsible for feeding the right amount of throttle whenever you accelerate. On a motorbike, you’ll often be moving between traffic or on tight corners, so being able to reliably accelerate is a must. You need to carefully adjust the amount of slack on your throttle cable. Sometimes, it’s a difficult balance to achieve, as either too much or too little slack can make the motorcycle feel unresponsive. Always make sure to adjust the slack as ideally as possible to avoid any issues in crucial moments.

Lube Control Pivots and Cables

This might seem an obvious and small task to some, but it’s inarguably incredibly important. Properly oiling the cables can make them last that much longer, meaning you won’t have to spend money on new cables all the time. With a small cable oiler, you can reliably oil the cable sheath, which in turn allows the throttle, levers, and pedals to feel that much better. While lubricating pivots might take a bit more time than that, and sometimes isn’t quite as easy as lubricating a cable, you’ll feel the effects immediately. You won’t be able to make those precise movements necessary for a motorcycle rider if you can’t rely on the motorcycle controls. Just make sure to replace any worn out parts first.

Check Your Tyres motorbike
Source: michelin.co.uk

Check Your Tyres

Proper tyre maintenance is key towards finding a good riding balance. Even if it seems obvious in hindsight, a lot of people have a tendency to forget about properly inflating their motorcycle’s tyres. Not only inflating but also checking for tread-wear, which is quite often forgotten about, resulting in last-minute tyre shopping. If you find that your tyres have uneven wear, then that means it’s definitely time to replace them, so don’t wait for the last moment. When you’re checking for inflation, make sure you inflate them to their proper pressure, as every tyre tends to be slightly different in that regard.

Change the Oil and Filter

Motorcycle riders tend to forget about changing the oil on the motorcycle, which can lead to all sorts of issues with the motorcycle itself. However, even if readily available, generic motor oil found at most local stores tends to be quite bad for the motorbike. What you want to get is a motorcycle-specific synthetic, or semi-synthetic, in some cases, as well as a high-quality filter. Generic motor oil tends to contain low-friction additives that cause significant problems to the clutch. You should be able to hear if the bike needs an oil change, as it’s quite apparent if you’ve been riding with old oil.

Bulbs motorbike
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Install High-Wattage Bulbs

One of the most effective ways at improving your overall motorbike experience is installing high-quality bulbs. Most stock lighting solutions tend to underwhelm, so high-wattage aftermarket bulbs will absolutely increase your night time experience by a significant factor. You’ll be able to see clearly, even in the darkest situations. It’s also smart to install a headlight modulator, which is a small device that regulates the intensity of the light in order to attract the attention of oncoming drivers. It’s definitely something that will assist you in many situations, because a lot of drivers tend to ignore motorcyclists for a variety of reasons, and this way you’ll get to avoid a sticky situation.

Use a Better Seat

General comfort is very important when it comes to driving a car, let alone a motorbike. Luckily, with the technological improvements in the last few decades, motorcycle comfort is at an all-time high due to an incredible number of highly comfortable aftermarket seats. They not only improve the aesthetic of the motorbike, but they allow you to ride for extended periods of time without fatigue or discomfort, which significantly impacts the overall motorcycle experience. Almost all aftermarket seats can be installed with ease, as all it takes is having the right tool and a little bit of time.

Motorcycles are arguably the most popular choice of vehicle and for a lot of reasons. They have been around for a long amount of time, meaning there have been many improvements in the field of motorcycling. Modifying your motorbike to handle better, be more comfortable, or just feel better while riding is just a pastime as riding it, which is why you want to make sure that you invest the time to do so. Before you know it, you’ll be riding a motorbike that you’ve spent more time modifying than riding.

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