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Used Or New Car – Which One To Buy

Should I buy a new or used car? This is the most common questions among new car owners. But the decision depends only on you and your budget. If you have limited budget, then buying a used car is your best option. And with so many used cars for sale on the market, you will surely find the one that is in perfect driving condition and will serve you for years. But know that used car comes with certain risks that can cost you a lot. That is why when buying a used car it is important to investigate the seller, inspect the car, ask for car log book and roadworthy certificate. This is the best way to ensure the car is in good condition and worth your money. Whichever option you choose, know that both have own advantages.

Advantages Of Buying New Car

  • Brand New – The main advantage of buying a new car is that you can be sure that it is new and it has not been in any accidents. They do not have bad smell, have not been mistreated, have no wears or tears and come with clean history.
  • Warranty – The warranty of new car is untouched. The manufacturer covers its brand new models under warranty for at least 3 years and even longer. When your car is under manufacturer’s warranty and something goes wrong, the manufacturer is responsible to fix it.
  • Maintenance – All new cars, especially the luxury ones, include free maintenance for a long period of time or for certain mileage.
  • Roadside Assistance – In case of comprehensive warranty, almost all new vehicles have free roadside assistance while the vehicle remains under warranty.

Advantages Of Buying Used Car

  • Price – The first and most affordable thing when buying a used car is the price. The price advantage of used car can allow you to look for a better car model.
  • Reliability – Besides the fact that all used cars do not have the same warranties like new ones, the original manufacturer’s warranty on a new car is usually transferable to the second owner. Buyers of certified pre – owned cars from a certified dealer can buy the latest model used car and obtain a balance of the original warranty.
  • Choice – The choice of used cars that can meet your budget is quite bigger when compared to the choice of new cars. Additionally, for some extra money you can buy other car equipment that can improve performance and prolong service life.

At the end, we can only say that both new and used cars have own advantages. The one you choose will depend only on you and on your budget. Just have one thing in mind when buying used cars – always buy from a reliable and certified car dealer who can supply you with the log book service and certificate of roadworthiness Melbourne. Without these documents, do not buy the car. There are many certified roadworthy certificate Melbourne workshops that can provide you with certificate of roadworthiness. This way you’ll know the condition of the car and its history of previous services and repair, which will additionally facilitate your decision.

By Anthony Hendriks

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