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Undermount Basins: Comparing the Pros and Cons

Undermount Basin

Bathrooms have become so much more than mere utility rooms now that comfort is one of the important aspects of life and various bathroom sanctuary trends emerge that most of us like to give a try. And yet, sadly, we can’t always afford to give our abode the upgrade we dream of.

Still, instead of giving up on the idea altogether, the solution could be to start with baby steps when it comes to spicing up the décor. Out of all the fixtures and accessories you could pick from, narrowing it down to those that have a significant functional role, as well as that of aesthetics, sinks are a great starting point.

Even though most often it’s the toilet suites, bathtubs or showers that get most of the attention, taking into consideration we use sinks on a daily basis, several times a day at that, they’re just as essential bathroom bits.

Out of the range of types and designs you can choose from at the bathware stores, compact and appealing undermount basins are among the most popular options in homes around Australia and abroad. If you haven’t yet given them a try, perhaps the following aspects would help you decide whether or not they should be on your shopping list next time you’re planning a bathroom transformation.

What’s So Special About Undermount Sinks?

Unlike years ago when they first appeared on the market, these sinks are much more affordable nowadays which immediately makes them more charming. What’s typical of them is they’re installed under a custom-cut hole on the counter which is how they got their name. This very characteristic is what brings about various benefits for you and your bathroom.

The More Customisable Option

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Sure, they may not be suitable like the drop-in counterparts for all kinds of countertops of bathroom storage vanities, especially not when they’re made of exceptional custom tiles, but that’s where their charm lies.

Taking their more unique custom and high-end feel, they’re great if you want to increase your home’s resale value which would come in handy should you ever choose to sell. Not to mention, you’re going to love the fact they’re available in various materials, sizes, and designs, and if you’re looking for more convenience, you can choose to get the double-bowl instead of single-bowl solution.

The More Hygienic Option

Ever since the pandemic appeared in 2020, hygiene has become an imperative more than ever before. Not surprisingly, this resulted in various changes in our lifestyles as well as our homes over the past year. As the more hygienic design, undermount basins have certainly become even more trendy than they were prior to this because of their hidden rims.

Since the drop-in, also called the top-mount and the self-rimming, has rims, it’s a great deal more difficult to clean than the undermount counterpart. Which is why if you’re looking for the option that would make for piece of cake cleaning and sanitising, it’s got to be the undermount due to the lack of obstructions on the counter space. This very aspect makes it the ideal choice for the kitchen too.

The More Space-Savvy Option

Space is something most of us desire to have more of, especially when our homes, or bathrooms specifically, aren’t exactly on the spacious side. Trying to make the best use of what we’ve already got, the undermount sink offers the most countertop space because it doesn’t compromise given that it’s installed under and not over it.

What this means is you’d be able to have more top vanity storage for your essentials. The other not-so-obvious benefit is this lack of visibility on the countertop leaves room for the tapware to truly shine.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

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Reading all of these incredible benefits, you might be wondering if there’s any bad side to the ultra-modern and sleek undermount basins. Truth is there is but it doesn’t outweigh the benefits.

For instance, they aren’t ideal if you’re set on DIYing in the bathroom by installing the sink yourself as they’re more challenging than the top-mount alternative especially when it comes to prepping the countertop, i.e. cutting it. Not all materials make it easy to carry out this task. Moreover, if you have no experience with choosing the proper material and quality for the support brackets that should hold it in place, you risk seeing the sink sag – or worse, fall.

There’s also trouble with the sealant; in case you don’t choose the adequate sealant to connect the sink with the countertop underneath, there’s a chance you might get leaks through the gaps. Before you know it, you could be faced with an issue at hand since this moisture could provide great environment for mould. In other words, if you want to save up by carrying out the work yourself, you can’t with this type of sink.

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