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Treating a New Mum: Gifts for Her or Baby?

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The act of becoming a mother is life-altering for any mum-to-be. It’s a blessing for any woman because it teaches her to become more selfless, responsible, loving and caring. But, let’s not forget it can also be an overwhelming change due to the challenges and worries that are normal before and after pregnancy.

If you have a new mum or a mum-to-be in your life, you can use this opportunity to show her your love and support by treating her to some sweet and thoughtful surprise. Sure, it may not take the weight off her shoulders, but it will certainly make it easier to bear. Still trying to figure out how to go about it? Perhaps these two suggestions will inspire you, so read up!

Gift Ideas for Her

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Source: fauveandco.com.au

When entering motherhood, the woman barely finds the time to take care of herself – and a little pampering truly goes a long way. She needs as much TLC as her little bub. Feeling burnout is counter-effective, and can affect the new mum’s health as well as her relationship with the baby, so take it as your mission to remind her to take some much-needed time and spend it on self-care.

This is easily achieved with pampering gifts for her consisting of all the skincare and relaxing essentials she might want and require. If you don’t know what to choose, you’re in luck because there are boxes and hampers consisting of various items.

From those with skin-loving pink clay, soaps, and body lotions to rejuvenate her tired look, and bath soaks to soak away all that stress, to those with organic candles boosted with essential oils to help her relax and get some quality sleep, and silk scrunchies for stylish mum buns that are soothing on the hair.

In case you think her health could do with some boost too, you could also include something nourishing and tasty like organic tea to support her breastfeeding phase. Cookies and chocolates can be of help with this too, and those are treats she could enjoy with her tea while she’s catching up on her favourite shows during her bundle of joy’s slumber.

As the cherry on top, you can wrap things up with meaningful gifts for her with a fancy journal where she can put all her thoughts to paper and reflect on them to see how far she’s gone with her parenting and loving. Add a touching handwritten note from you, and you can bet this would be a gift she won’t forget!

Gifts Ideas for Her Baby

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Source: flo.health

In case you don’t know what to get the new mum, then a few gifts for her baby would come in handy. Avoid the usual in the likes of onesies and diapers because those are items most people get during baby showers and as a welcome choice once the baby arrives, and try to find something practical and meaningful instead.

If you’re all out of ideas, perhaps the following suggestions would help make your shopping time a little easier and way more enjoyable. One of the basics any new mum needs is a cosy and special blanket to keep baby snug and comfy.

In addition to paying attention to the fabric, preferably choosing organic cotton or bamboo, colour and design are also advisable considerations. Step up your gifting game by personalising it with the baby’s initials, or even more than that – the baby’s full name.

This would easily become the kind of present they cherish and include in their keepsakes for generations to come. The same can be said about a cuddly toy they can use as a comforter once the separation anxiety phase begins, and their child is in need of a reliable companion to make things more bearable and comfortable.

Toys with dummy attachments also make nap time a great deal easier, so they’re a thoughtful gift. Most of these toys normally don’t come with any bits that are dangerous that the baby would choke on, but it’s still advisable to be careful with this when doing the shopping. A bedtime storybook is always a nice idea as it can serve as the basis for those special bedtime moments both mum and child would cherish.

Plush baby mats for lots of playtime and gross motor development are just as helpful, as is a set of organic bath products made for the delicate baby skin. Then again, if you’re thinking of getting something that would serve as a gift for her and her baby, a baby food processor would be that truly thoughtful option.

Not only would it make feeding time less of a hassle, especially for the little fussy eaters, but it might also inspire the new mum to get creative with her recipes and start experimenting more with everything the food processor was designed to do.

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