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Trainers vs Sandals – What’s the Better Choice for Walking?

Trainers vs Sandals

Trainers VS Sandals
The benefits of walking are numerous. It improves the work of the heart and lungs and controls the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Also, walking helps the process of burning calories so it can be the perfect addition to a weight loss diet. There are also psychological benefits to walking. For instance, it creates the overall well-being and is considered a natural anti-depressant as it prompts the production of endorphin, the hormone of happiness. However, in order to experience walking as a fully beneficial exercise, you need to have the proper walking shoes. They are fundamental for achieving comfort and preventing injury. When it comes to narrowing the choice to two types, the two most popular are trainers and sandals. But, which are better? Let’s take a look at their characteristics.


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They are perfect for a hot, summer day and instead of sweating and feeling like you are walking in a puddle, sandals can help you beat the heat and enjoy the hike. Firstly, sandals keep your feet cool by regulating the core body temperature. Contrary to wearing trainers, walking in sandals increases the surface area exposed to air, thus providing increased ventilation. Also, you don’t have to wear socks, which add extra heat.

In situations where you need to cross a stream or a river, sandals are a perfect choice as there is no need to stop and unlace and remove the shoes (like you need to do if you wear trainers ), you just go on with the hike because most walking sandals dry fast. Also, there are many models of waterproof sandals, so they are not an exception among the different types of shoes for sale.

In addition, they are lightweight which is not the case with a pair of trainers. When shoes weigh more, you are forced to exert more energy with each step and when wearing sandals, walking is easy and effortless. This feature, however, raises some questions regarding injuries. People believe wearing sandals means opting for less protection. Despite the fact that open-toed sandals expose your toes and feet, it is unlikely that sandals increase the chances of being cut by a branch or a rock or be stung by creepy crawlies.


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Even though they are mostly used for running, walking is another activity trainers are popular for as well. One of the best features trainers have is the midsole foot cushioning as it relieves some of the stress put on the heels, toes and ankles. It also prevents the chances of hip, knee and back pain while walking or running.

Also, trainers provide stability, support and durability and that is why they actually have thicker heels and weigh more. For walking purposes, you should always look for trainers shoes for sale that are less beefy for achieving maximum enjoyment.

Another feature trainers have that makes them a favourite choice is that they are very flexible as they roll through each step from heel to toe. Flexibility is very practical when walking greater distances on uneven terrains. It enables full support of the foot making it easy to walk for several hours.

Obviously, both types of shoes have their advantages. It is up you to choose the ones that suit your needs and fit you best. At the end of the day, what you are looking for is comfort and support, and you can get if you choose the proper model for you, no matter whether it is sandals or trainers.

By Jessie Sanner

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