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Tractor Attachments – Bale Spear Or Bed Shaper

ByAnthony Hendriks

Aug 6, 2014

The tractor attachments provide increased versatility and give the tractors a bigger role on the job site. The tractors are used for pulling heavy loads, but when used with different tractor implements, they can do much more that just pulling. Today, there are different types of tractor implements available on the market, designed to be used for specific applications. Some of the most commonly used tractor attachments are: bale spear and bed shaper. Although heavily used, these attachments have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a short comparison between these two tractor attachments.

Bale Spear – The bale spear is one of the most efficient tractor attachments for handling large and round hay bales. The bale spear is usually attached at the front via a 3-point hitch. The maximum capacity of the bale spear varies from 200 to 700 kg, meaning that the operators cannot pull large bales that exceed the maximum weight. Like when using other tractor implements, the operators need to add counterweight at the rear of the tractor for increased stability when a bale spear is used. Before every operation, a counterweight must be included in order to prevent tipping over. Hauling large and round bales may seem as easy task, but in fact it is a task that requires lot of attention. However, the bale spear attached at the rear end reduces the operator visibility. When using a bale spear, the operators need to be extra careful, and to keep the load low.

Bed Shaper – For farm or garden works, the bed shaper is the ideal tractor attachment. The bed shaper is capable to prepare great and flat seedbed for planting or transplanting. It can crush even clods, and the result is a flat and smooth surface ready for further operation with a planting machine which runs better on a well-shaped bed. When choosing a bed shaper, it is important to look for one that is attached via 3-point hitch, so that the rear end of the tractor attachment can be lower than the front end. This way, the attachment provides better compaction and smoother bed. Like the most tractor implements, some bed shapers require additional weight. For lighter soils, creating a shaped bed with a bed shaper can be achieved directly from flat ground. The normal procedure requires laying one or more rough beds with a specific machine, and then shaping the surface with a bed shaper. Without any doubts, the bed shaper is one of the most commonly used tractor attachments.

By Anthony Hendriks

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