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Tower Cranes – Horizontal Or Luffing Jib – Part 2

The horizontal jib is a simple structure extending from the tower, along with a trolley. The tower cranes Australia models are generally equipped with horizontal jib, and also carry a hoist rope and a hook. This configuration can be mounted on both self-erect tower cranes and assisted erect tower cranes.

Horizontal Jib On Self- Erect Tower Crane

– This tower crane type is not frequently used, because it is significantly smaller and has lower lifting capacity than the assisted erect tower crane for sale. However, the self-erect tower cranes with horizontal jib are very quick and easy to assemble. The assembling process of the crane needs to be performed by a trained personnel, so the tower crane does not go through many commissioning procedures. Today, these tower cranes Australia models are no longer used, mostly because of their smaller size and lifting capacity, what makes them less efficient on construction job-sites.

The tower crane manufacturers today offer many types of tower crane for sale with unique combinations of the best features of both self-erect and assisted erect tower cranes. There are types of self erect tower crane for sale mounted on crawler track bases. These track bases provide independent power supply, and make cranes exceptionally mobile around the construction sites. These tower cranes require outriggers for support and for keeping them flat during lifting operations.

Horizontal Jib On Assisted Erect Tower Crane

– A tower crane with horizontal jib configuration is most commonly used in the construction industry. The assisted erect tower cranes with a horizontal jib require assistance when erecting, which is usually performed by a compact mobile crane. The erection of this type of a tower crane is normally performed by a skilled personnel and an engineer is required to guide the whole process. Horizontal jibs of 50m and more are suitable for applications where large area coverage is needed and tower heights of maximum 180m. Every tower crane for sale from different tower crane manufactures come with specific types of hoist and trolley winches. This means that the tower crane users have a wide choice of hook speeds and pull combinations.

The assisted erect tower cranes Australia models are an excellent choice for handling light-weight materials. If correctly assembled and operated, they can provide very efficient lifting. Although they usually do not dispose with large lifting capacity, the horizontal jib on assisted erect tower cranes are capable of lifting a maximum capacity of 10,000kg.

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