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It has happened to everyone – after the excitement of purchasing a favorite perfume at an incredible price, we notice that scent faded away after no more than 2-3 hours. Of course, the first think that comes to mind is that the perfume is a cheap replica. However, this is not always the case. If you bought your perfume from a reputable retailer, most likely, your new perfume is not a perfume (eau de parfum), but a toilet water (eau de toilette). Main difference between these two most common forms of fragrances is in the concentration ratio of the essential oils and the alcohol. The higher the concentration of essential oils, the more intense and durable the scent. This is why real perfumes are not sold in spray cans, but rather in small bottles.

The percentage ratio, which can be found on the vial of perfume, shows how much alcohol a fragrance contains. Very often, manufacturers use higher alcohol concentration to enhance the durability of the fragrance and to regulate its power. Therefore, perfumes with higher aromatic ingredients have higher concentration of alcohol. To better understand the difference between “eau de toilette” and “eau de parfum” take a look at the following comparison.

  • Perfume (Parfum or Extrait)
    The concentration of the essential oils in a perfume is between 15-30%, which is why it has the most powerful scent. When using such perfume, you need to apply small amounts, without having to worry about the duration. Normally, fragrances from this group retain their presence for about 6 hours, depending on skin type (for example, on dry skin the fragrances lasts shorter).

  • Parfum De Toilette
    This is an intermediate group. The strength of the fragrance is between the pure perfumes and EDP and it is rarely used.

  • Eau De Parfum (EDP)
    In this group, concentration of the essential oils is from 8% to 15%. The aroma is lighter than in the pure perfume, but the price is relatively low. Scent lasts from 3 to 5 hours, which is very good. Eau de Parfum is the perfect choice for a woman who uses perfume every day.

  • Eau De Toilette (EDT)
    Eau de Toilette is lighter and it has more delicate flavor, with concentration of the essential oils from 4 to 8%. Fragrances from this group are suitable for everyday use. Their cost is generally lower than that of the EDP, and the duration is between 2 and 4 hours.

  •  Eau De Cologne (EDC)
    Fragrances that fall under this category are often called colognes and the concentration of essential oils is 3-5%. The scent duration of these fragrances is about 2 hours.

Now that you are familiar with the differences between perfume, toilet water and cologne, you can choose the one that suits you the most, of course depending on the occasion, how often you use a perfume and your budget. Buy your favorite fragrance from feelingsexy.com.au or choose a new fragrance from their wide selection of quality fragrances, limited edition perfumes and take advantage of their many discounts.

By Jessie Sanner

Always weighing things, the life of a Libra isn’t easy and that’s something Jessie is well acquainted with as a Libra herself. The confusion with having to choose between things is what helps her write for the blog, in the hope of making it easier for readers who are indecisive themselves. Interested in contrasts, like period dramas and sci-fi, casual and classy outfits, fries and detox shakes, the life of this young lady is anything but boring. Or is it?

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